Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time is a human construct

I remember the first time it really sank in that time does not exist. It's something we constructed, and all our ways of thinking about it and talking about it are just that. Sure, there are biological cycles, from the oscillations of neurons firing to the seasons, but that ain't time. You might think this realization came early on, like when I read Madeleine L'Engle as a kid, or when I took physics in high school or some shit. No, it wasn't until college.

Having a baby has made me realize it all over again. Time passes so strangely--both too quickly and too slowly. And so many things get lost and forgotten, or pushed aside.

Because Bun Bun has been amazingly easy, those things are NOT sleeping and bathing. But you may recall I bought a pattern for a tiny dress a while back? I made excellent progress at first, and this is how:

But then I made no progress at all for MONTHS. In fact, the project would still be sitting there half sewn had it not been for the fact that one day I remembered I can sew with MY HANDS. Yes, friends, sewing does not require a machine. So now the dress and bonnet are completed.

Yes, it does match my skirt. I used scraps for Bun Bun's dress, and while the whole matching mother-daughter outfit thing is not really me, Mr. Bunny insisted for the photo.

Mr. Bunny took her out in the carrier while she was wearing her bonnet, and some scruffy shirtless guy washing down his orange Camaro and saw them and said OH MY GOD! WHAT A CUTE BONNET! That's just a beautiful image. Everybody loves a bonnet.

Anyway, TIME. The semester is starting this week, without me. And while I am so, so, SO happy not to be resuming my duties, and still not quite able to imagine doing it again in January or, like, ever, it's odd to have the rhythm of life not changing much as fall comes on. Fall has always been a time of anxious anticipation and energy. This year it's a bit of a blank canvas.

Fortunately, it's about time to start on Bun Bun's Halloween costume.


  1. I'm insanely jealous of your mad sewing skills. I made a few crafty-like things for Jackson's upcoming birthday party and let's just say, I won't be opening a shop on Etsy anytime soon.

    Every time I even *think* of the word "bonnet" all that comes to mind is "not to put too fine a point on it....make a little bird house in your soul..." and so on.

  2. Um, can you make Mac's Halloween Costume too? You're welcome to dress him in whatever asinine outfit strikes your fancy!! :) No? Okay, Target it is.

    Love the mother daughter photo...well, the mother's body-daughter photo. Hope you have one with your head in it for prosperity.

  3. I love it! Awesome work especially for completely hand sewing! That's talent!!

  4. I love that picture! The dress and bonnet are fantastic and I'm becoming steadily more convinced that, between your wit and your sewing abilities, you are wasted on academia.

    I do know exactly what you mean, though. Everybody here is starting school, work or some sort of grand project and, even though I am actually supposed to be starting a few things myself, I feel like I've been frozen in time.

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. The BUN BUNNET!!! Amazing. Cutest thing ever. So glad you get to keep being not at school. Today's our first day of classes and...yeah, transitions ain't so much my favorite. Enjoy and can't wait to see the Halloween costume! Still trying to decide how to dress the bump I'm hoping to have by then...

  6. The camero bonnet scene is now seared into my brain. What wonderfully weird things happen in the world.

    My stitches are mad uneven as I have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to a needle and thread. Adorable would be the word I'd use. Seriously adorable.

    I can imagine how odd it is to miss autumn classes. But, I feel like that line in Office Space here, "You've been missing a lot of work lately...Well, I can't say I've been MISSING work, heh." I look forward to your forays into this season.

  7. Cutest baby girl EVER. And I'm in the market for a 12m size costume, if youre offering... I don't care what it is, just cute.

    fwiw, Madeline L'Engle totally blew my mind at age 12. I'd like to read that stuff again. I guess I'll wait for B to get there.

    Time is weird with baby -- you get in such a rhythm of nap, feed, sleep cycles that it seems like it moves very very slowly. And yet weeks and weeks go by and the outside (e.g., not the two of you) world moves in a whole different way at a seemingly completely frantic pace. I like the time with baby better -- it's kind of zen relaxing, once you get past the lack of sleep and periodic screaming.

  8. Wow. Nice job on that skirt, dress and bonnet. You totally rock that sewing needle, Bunny! Well done. I told R last night I was going to set up a craft room in the basement and start sewing all of our clothes to save money since I'm not working. We both about fell out of our chairs dying laughing. Yeah, the sewing thing won't ever happen here but sometimes I feel inspired when I see posts like this with a cute baby and momma in a matching bunny getup. I did sew a jogging suit in Mrs. Scarborough's 7th grade home ec class though. I rocked that motha out after I made it.

    Anyway, Bun Bun is adorable and I love seeing her sweet little face on your blog. You've come a long way, Baby. XXXXX

  9. You are so damn talented! I love it.

  10. speaking of time, your last post is still open in my browser, which means i meant to comment and haven't yet. oopsies. i think i was going to say something about how important it is to expose babies to full vocabularies from the beginning, including every part of speech formed from the verb "to fuck." see facts 4 and 5 here:

    oh: and for someone who's not into mother-daughter clothing, you sure are wearing some. i am just saying.

  11. Bun Bun in a Bunny patterned dress!! I love it! (it took some zooming in to find out the pattern was bunnies, and I am glad I did). My heart melts for the bonnet. What a cutie pie.
    It must be very strange to not be starting a new school year, either as a student or as a professor. Will you be heading to campus to introduce Bun Bun to College life? Or is your plan to stay away until the day when you have to go back in January?

  12. That is absolutely adorable! Bun Bun is precious.

    And now, being in the midst of my own "baby blues" (and hating that term) I am feeling the need to revisit your post about being FUCKING DEPRESSED and think it might be extra-insightful to me now.

  13. Time. Yes. Race, isn't that a human construct too? And gender?

    What isn't, I ask myself? Is.. everything? Is the table? Is the cat? And then a puff of smoke comes out of my ear, because my tiny little mind has blown a circuit.

    Bunbun's outfit is very sweet. It's lovely to see.

  14. Oh my goodness - Bun Bun in a bonnet... just about the cutest thing ever! So happy for you that the new school year is coming without you going back to work. Good for you!

  15. Time is bananas. Dont look backwards, it will just freak you out even more. I feel like Toddlerina has always been here, but it has only been 2 years. I think she and I have always chatted on the way home from school, but it has only been the last 6 months or so. Blows my mind.

    ps - I recently made curtains, er, used the hemming strip to customize pre-made curtains. Hardest thing I have done this fiscal year. I love the work you can do for the ever deserving Bun Bun.

  16. Wow! Great little outfit, and a great story to boot!