Infertility History

Unexplained IF (though probably due to fibroids).

Summer 2009: 1 year TTC, chemical pregnancy.
Fall-winter 2009: IUIs 1-3. A great deal of unhappiness.
January 2010: Laparascopy suggests fibroids interfering with egg pickup on left side, possibly distorting uterine wall. IUI #4.
April 2010: myomectomy. 12 weeks of recovery required before we can try again, another 12 before we can do IVF.
May-June: recovery, part 1.
July: pretend having sex can result in pregnancy. It is to laugh.
August: IUI #5. Positive HPT at 12dpIUI.
September: Beta at 13dpIUI = 87. Beta #2 at 15dpIUI = 227. Beta #3 at 19dpIUI = 1416.
9/21/2010: heartbeat! Measuring right on target at 6w6d.
October: 10/5/2010: 9 week ultrasound, measuring a perfect 8w6d, heart beating away at 165 bpm.
November: 11/01: First OB appointment.
11/05: NT scan. Normal.
11/29: Second OB appointment.
December: 12/16: Anatomy scan. All is well.
12/20. Third OB appointment. Delightfully dull.
1/21. Fourth OB appointment. Blissfully boring.
2/18. Fifth OB appointment, GD screen. No GD.
March: A series of bi-weekly appointments.
April: A series of weekly appointments.
May 5th, 2011: my beautiful daughter born via scheduled C-section.