Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ah haz holes in mah belleh

And they is all hurty. However, all went well yesterday. The nursing staff was super nice, which made it all far less scary. Bless you, nurses of the world. And my new buddy oxyco.done is a true friend. Mr. Bunny is an A+ caregiver--so sweet and attentive and funny. Right before I was taken into the OR he said, I told them to put a little something extra in there as a surprise for you. Some might find this creepy or mean, but it cracked me up. So if my next ultrasound reveals a toaster, I'll be super excited.

I won't know the full story until I meet with my RE, but Mr. Bunny's post-op report (with pictures!) suggests the news is better than I expected. Most importantly, there's no endometriosis. This is what I feared the most, since it seems so impossible to get rid of and so terrifying. I've known since I first met with the RE that I have some surprisingly large fibriods, but since my HSG was clear, the RE didn't think they were the issue. After the IUIs didn't work despite our good numbers, he became more suspicious, and gave us the choice of doing the lap or going directly to a myomectomy (fibriod [myoma] removal). We choose the more conservative path even though he said there was about a 60% chance I'd need the myomectomy after the lap.

Now it appears that one fibroid is probably interfering with egg pickup from my left ovary, while a cyst was probably interfering with pickup from my right ovary. The cyst was removed, and it looks like I'm back to IUI. No myomectomy at this stage! I'm really pleased.

Of course, I've read enough people's stories to know that this does not mean I'll be pregnant any time soon. A good prognosis can still result in months and months of nothing at all, but at least I can enjoy the prospect of not having another surgery in my immediate future. 'Cause one was enough for now.


  1. Huzzah! Glad all went well and you are expecting buttered toast in 38 weeks.

  2. I was thinking of you yesterday and hoping that all went well. Glad to hear a positive report! When will you get to meet with the RE to get the full scoop? I hope that Mr. Bunny gives you lots of TLC and that you rebound quickly!

    P.S. I hope it's a fancy toaster. Bagel slots and all.

  3. Oh bunny, I totally missed that yesterday was your procedure. I'm glad things went well and I hope your feeling okay. I'm so glad there's no sign of endo and you have a shot once again at IUI!! Hoping the RE has good news for you and you have new hope in TTC.

    Please relax and heal. I'm glad mr bunny is taking great care of you. Husbands are great. :-)

  4. I am glad things went so well. That's great news. I hope you have a nice time relaxing and taking care of yourself!

  5. So glad to hear everything went well! Be sure to milk it for all its worth... I hear neck and shoulder massages help get some of that air out, so tell hubby to get on it! LOL ;o)

  6. So glad to hear it went well and that there's NO ENDO!!! You always hear the stats - whatever % of women that get pregnant immediately after a lap. That could be YOU!!! I hope so :)
    Let Mr. Bunny keep taking great care of you, and let your body heal! Sounds like he's doing a great job :).

  7. Good news plus a toaster in your oven. Who could ask for more?

  8. I'm glad it went well and you're recovering nicely (with the help of my good friend also this week...Oxy!!) That was totally hilarious what your hubby said, lol!

    I hope the RE has good news too, but it sounds like things went well and you have a bright future ahead of you! =) Rest up, when are you having that baby shower again??

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