Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nine months. Eleven weeks.

Bun Bun is nine months old today. I celebrated by cutting her hair. Turns out having a baby with lots of hair means having a baby whose hair is always in her face, and who pulls out anything you put in to hold it back, and promptly puts it in her mouth. And I kept being all, I can't beeeeear to cut it, until this morning I was like, What on earth am I thinking! CUT IT! So I did (just the part that hangs over her eyes), and it looks TERRIBLE, as you might imagine. I suppose it's never too early to discourage vanity. And, um, this should be quite effective. But it's out of her face now.

She is crawling merrily and confidently, sitting up like a pro, and is now all about pulling to stand and falling over and hitting her head. I DO hope that's a brief phase. She has discovered the magic of putting THINGS into other THINGS, and I am very proud of her.

Bunlet, meanwhile, is eleven weeks and two days of gestational age today. On Friday we have our ultrascreen (NT measurement, blood tests). I will become extremely worried a few days before and will be certain that terrible news is awaiting me.

I received a catalog from a maternity clothing company and, in the process of putting it in the recycling, I may have seen a page or two. They depicted pregnant women (always about twenty and not actually pregnant) in the company of a four- or five-year-old child. Not this Fertile Whore. Bun Bun and Bunlet will be, if this really happens, not quite sixteen months apart.

In other news, last night Mr. Bunny and I had a more successful going-out-to-dinner experience. Then when we got home he tried to put the moves on me and I was like oh my god you are so out of your motherfucking MIND. And then I felt guilty. But feeling guilty was better than crawling out of my skin with horror.


  1. Think of it this way: he's an optimist. Every partnership should have one!

  2. You never fail to make me laugh, Bunny. It's amazing to reach such milestones with Bun Bun and the Bunlet at the same time. 16 months apart is a bit crazy to even think about, but it's also sure to make for close sinblings. Think what fast friends (ok, and surely occasional rivals) the two Bs will be. Hope the NT scan is boring and easy.

  3. Happy 9 months Bun Bun! Discouraging vanity when your daughter is SUCH an absolute beauty is probably a good, proactive thing to do. She will be breaking hearts no matter her hairdo.
    I will be thinking of you on Friday as I get my u/s. I trust that everything will be fine with Bunlet, but I appreciate that there will be some anxiety leading up to it.

  4. Glad that this going-out-to-dinner went better than the last one. And sorry that the evening ended the way it did.
    For what it's worth, my neices are about 16 months apart. I think their parents found there were some advantages in that spacing--like having them on a similar nap schedule, rather than having to juggle the wildly differing needs of, say, a newborn and a 5-year-old. And the girls are great playmates these days.

  5. Will they qualify as Irish twins? I think it will be wonderful for them to be so close together.

    I can so relate to those first haircuts being a bit of a disaster. g also has a very "spirited" mop of hair and I had to start cutting it when he was little. The first haircuts were AWFUL! I was terrified of hurting him and all I really wanted to do was get the hair out of his eyes but the result was a series of the worst kind of mullets. In the end though, they are so darn cute right now that we can't really screw things up too badly.


  6. I think Irish twins have to be within a year of each other... But having them close will be great in the long term. My brother and I were seventeen months apart (I assumed for the longest time that I was an accident, but apparently not!), and we were so close as kids--fought like cat and dog, but we were always playing with each other too. I know when we were thinking about number two, I felt the pressure of keeping them close in age, because I couldn't imagine a sibling relationship more than a couple of years apart...

    My daughter is totally jealous of Bun Bun's hair, no matter how badly it's cut!

  7. Someone told me Bee had a frankenstein hair cut as the woman chopped his sweeping locks to a 1/8 inch bang...BUT as you say it is now out of his eyes. I didn't have it in my to do it myself only because he would always try to eat the scissors. I'm impressed with your skill.

    Happy 9 months Bun Bun! Lots of fun things to look forward to in this month.

    Glad you had a great date night with the Mr. Why do men always expect us to put out after a nice dinner date?

  8. It took me 18 months to cut George's hair. He had a mullet that would have made me proud, were I in the 80s, but when the bangs were in his eyes, that is when it happened. He looks like such a little boy now, he is no baby anymore! And yes, I cried when I did it.

    Wishing you a very textbook NT scan, with minimal odds of something to worry.

    The maternity models are nothing like real women. Just saying. And why do all clothes have to be so freaking expensive? They are really ripping pregnant women off.

  9. No orgasm like the pg orgasm. You said vanity has no place here yourself, right? Hell, I have bat wings now.

    ps - totally full of crap as I have not had sex since 1975.

  10. Happy 9 mnth's to Bun Bun. Cutting her hair, you are more brave than I am. I am sure she looks beeeeeeautiful!
    Mr. Bunny is barking up the wrong tree. I am very sure of it. Poor guy. I am so on your side btw. Little Bunlet is getting ready for his/her close up!!

  11. Is sex a thing people still do? On the regular? I hadn't noticed.

    Happy 9 months to Lady BunBun and happy 11 weeks and counting to The Littlest Bunlet. Enjoy your scan, you normal healthy pregnant woman, you.

  12. crawling out of own skin. yes. exactly that. can't even imagine it these days. like jb said. people still do that?

    we didn't cut our son's hair until he was 18 months. he was BORN with a nice mullet, just imagine how long it was. he looked like a jungle person. and the way it would stick to the snot when he was sick. it makes me cringe to think about now but at the time we thought it was cute. really I was delaying the inevitable...once we cut it he was no longer my BABY but a real live BOY.

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  14. Wow! Big doins! By my count, Bunlet is second trimester by now. Yes? I'm so excited for you.

  15. Hi Bunny,
    Just wanted to say I am thinking of you. No news since your appointment, so am hoping all is well with you and all the Bunnies.


  16. Blogger ate my first comment...

    Just wanted to say am thinking of you. No update since your appointment - so hope all is well with you and the Bunnies.