Friday, December 18, 2009

Growl! Snarl!

My pregnant best friend was recently moaning about all the "social pressure" she feels to be a "good daughter in law" now that she's having a baby. Neither she nor her husband likes spending time with his parents, and normally they can get away with seeing them very rarely. But now that there's a grandchild in the picture (the first), she'll have to see them a bit more, and waaaaaaah, poor her. What the hell does she know about social pressure! Read this, smug pregnant person! There's some social pressure for ya! Luckily my mother already has grandchildren to fuss over, but my mother in law...every time I see her she looks speculatively at me as though she's assessing my childbearing potential and finding me wanting. It's like she's measuring my hips with her beady little eyes, and thinking of ways to bump me off so my husband can find a nice new wife with lots of years left on her.

So what do you think--should I take my revenge on pregnant best friend by inviting her in-laws to the upcoming baby shower I'm organizing? It would be a super great surprise for little miss social pressure!


  1. I can't believe she's not planning to invite her in-laws anyways! Jeez, that kind of complaining would drive me nuts too. You would think she would at least butter em up a little bit so they'll babysit.

    And thanks for the shout out :-)

  2. Oh, I think you should. Definitely.

    I love passive agressiveness :)

  3. Some people just don't know how good they have it. Luckily, my in laws are really nice.

  4. Definitely. They "should" go anyways so you could play dumb and act like "OBVIOUSLY they should be here!" =)

  5. would be odd for them NOT to be invited, if they don't see the relationship the same way she does (if the rift is mutual, then so be it, they shouldn't expect to be invited, right?). I guess I think about my situation here: my mother is a holy terror nightmare and I would murder anyone who invited her to any important life event (especially a baby shower). I'm guessing the MIL complaining isn't really on that level, so I would be on the fence with this one. So, my analysis is useless. You're welcome?