Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I guess this is nesting

Yesterday I had my last OB visit, which lasted all of thirty seconds. My doctor (who has been kind enough to not molest my cervix once) said See you at the c-section! Woah. And it was totally weird to leave the office without making a new appointment. Also weird is this item on my calendar:

You know, in case it slips my mind.

I'm on target to finish my work-work this week...though I suppose I just jinxed myself by saying that, and now an unexpected shit pile will land on my head. On the home front, I've turned into some kind of sweatshop laborer. A while back Mr. Bunny said something like Gee, it sure is a great time of life for you to be able to sew! But I'm beginning to think it's more of a curse. I've been churning out blankets and burp cloths like a Malaysian ten-year-old, and have even gone so far as to make some diapers. We're going the cloth route, and while Trinity's excellent advice enabled me to amass a sort of...buffet...of delicious options, I also want to see how the plain-old-piece-o'-cloth approach works. (I did a lot of cloth diapering of my much younger brother, so I know what I'm getting into. Maybe. And we have plenty of hippie disposables for the early days, no worries.)

Burp cloths! Don't the jelly fish look kinda like penises?

I suppose some reptilian part of my brain thinks if I just keep sewing, I'll be prepared. But there's no way to be prepared, is there?


  1. so surreal! A week and a day away, so awesome and so excited for you :-)

    I agree, I don't think anyone can ever be really truly ready for this. I have all of the stuff (I think) but I have no idea what I'm doing.

  2. This is so damn crazy! I can't believe you're so close. Seriously. How did that happen?

    Very excited for you!

  3. adorable and a little penis like. So excited for you and cannot wait for next week!!! please post pics :)

  4. So close! So excited to meet Bun Bun!!!

  5. Yeah, very! It's almost time!! Awesomeness! Can't wait to 'meet' BunBun!

  6. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! "See you at the C-Section"?!?!!!!!! Jumping up and down for joy! It seems like all of a sudden, you're HERE! So cool!

    And, um, yes, those definitely look like penises. (Peni?)

  7. Oh my Gooooood, it's baby BunBun time, Bunny! So excited to hear the stats on the little Bun! ;)

  8. Best calendar item ever! I'm so, so, so excited for you.

  9. Nice.... Love the penises burp clothes! yeah your right there's no way to prepare, teehee, so exciting!

  10. So exciting!! Happy C-section! I absolutely love your sense of humor. Btw, what could you possibly have on your calendar at 3pm the day after?

  11. Awww, love the calendar entry! It is just crazy awesome to think that about this time next week you will be havin' and meetin' yo' baybay!

    Loooooove the burp cloth material, btw! And I have seen some other bloggers who've made their own gDiaper inserts, which look ridiculously easy. My next project in the coming weeks is to make my own cloth wipes. We shall see...

    I am turning some figurative cartwheels for you over here, Bunny! So excited! XX

  12. I was actually wondering this morning whether you would be on mat leave now, or still working this week/next week. How exciting that you are about to meet Bun Bun! Time has passed so fast!

    I wish I could sew as well as you. I am sure there is absolutely no way to be prepared for the arrival of a newborn, no matter how much sewing you do.

  13. What a wonderful way to spend your nesting time. I adore all of it and I am so proud of you to go cloth. I suspect that I will opt for just plugging an oil well to feed both the diaper needs and the robot demands in the far off future. Sheesh.

    I love the sound of having your calendar up to date. What's going to be awesome? Is getting that reminder message the day before. Whee!

  14. I have examined the pattern in question closely and can confirm that the fish DOES look like a penis. One with legs!

    Somehow it's still a lovely pattern. I love the others, too.

    BunBun, on the Outside, in a week = AMAZING!

  15. That calendar entry is hilarious. It's good to make sure you have everything down in your calendar: you never know who else would want to book your time next Thursday and a quick glance at your calendar would make you stop and say 'No, I can't meet at at 8am for coffee. I'm having a baby at 6:30. Sorry. Maybe next Thursday?'

    You amaze me with all your sewing, Bunny. Those burp cloths are adorable! I love the little sea penises.

    On this day next week, Bun Bun will be in your arms (or very close by). YEAH!

  16. Dude.

    That is next week.

    Sew like the wind, Bunny. Sew like the wind.

  17. Wait. Those aren't penises? I thought you were just a very forward thinker vis a vis sex ed:)

    Nesting is good. Sewing is good. I say that with a certain amount of envy as someone who can't sew a damn. I know that the best laid plans will likely go all kerflooey in the face of the actual arrival of Bun Bun. But, still, preparation is going to pay off.

    Love the calendar entry (and impressed by your subtlety - you didn't even use an exclamation point):)

  18. Imma keep it real. You won't be ready. Not really. But the good news is, it doesn't matter. As long as you have a carseat and a change of clothes, you're in fine shape.

    Still reeling over here about your doctor's poor decision to deliver Bun Bun a day before my birthday rather than day of. Really insensitive. But on the positive side, every birthday party for Bun Bun can (and should) have a Cinco de Mayo theme with pinatas and margaritas.

    You have but a few days until the arrival of one Bun Bun. Strap your seatbelt on, Bunny. It's gonna be an awesome ride.

  19. Good luck!! Thinking of you for your upcoming big day, and can't wait to hear news!