Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My period has returned. UGH! HATE! UGH!

When I became part of this community, I realized that I was lucky to have a nice, regular period that only occasionally makes me pass out with pain, and I'm grateful.

I am.



I was really hoping to get at least six months. It's a bitch with breastfeeding. I thought Bun Bun was having a massive growth spurt, but no, I've just been starving her as my hormones had a fun vacation in Menstruation Land. (Best theme park ever. Daddy! Daddy! Can we ride the Giant Tampon again?) Basically, exactly the same OH! Now it all makes sense experience Bionic had, because reading about hers had no effect on my tiny brain.

And...there's something about menstruating while breastfeeding that makes me feel a little too Earth Mother Moon Goddess. If only I could simultaneously be pregnant as well, and, I don't know, maybe also deliver a few babies, all while wearing a hempen shift.

And...although this has mainly passed by now, I find that I'm completely conditioned to respond to my period with intense disappointment and misery. I mean seriously, I felt crushed. And I had to actually remind myself that it's OKAY. I have a BABY. Getting my period does not mean I am a FAILURE. 

Sigh. Meanwhile, the abstinence only movement is still in full effect in our household. I KNOW! But if anything, I find the idea of sex MORE horrifying as time passes, not less. Hmmm...


  1. Boo. Nature sucks donkey taint.

    I used my precious freezer stash to supplement when my supply dipped during my period (which started 3-4 months ago and has been on a weird 40-ish day cycle). Hopefully (?) you'll find the same thing, that it's not really a monthly but closer to every-other-monthly occurrence for a while. I was told by my OBGYN that it takes ~6 months for it to normalize.

    And sex. Is that still a thing? Do people still do it? I think we're on a (maybe) once-a-month schedule at this point. I would just rather sleep than be sexed. Sad but true.

    And booyah to the Giant Tampon Ride. Second only to the Kotex Red River Raft Ride.

  2. Pass that period over here, I'll take it for you. I'm just a kind soul that way.

    But for realsies, that sucks ass. I had no idea that is messed with your supply. Ugh.

  3. Oh bunny, how annoying is the universe to give you a reality thud like that. I am sorry AF is there and that she's treating you so awfully. I had no idea that getting your period dried you up!! So ignorant here!
    PS - Your brain is so NOT tiny.

  4. Crap. Bitch had bad timing. I am hoping that you are blessed with light days with cycles now that that has kicked back in. I think you look fetching in hemp and smell lovely in patchoulli. Join me in the drum circle!

  5. Is it common to get your period while breastfeeding? I force myself NOT to google such things since I'm anovulatory and don't want to make myself even crazier with the (most likely very silly) hope that my period/cycle will come back someday.

    I'm so sorry about this Bunny! I'm sure you are a rockin Earth Mother tho!!! xoxo

  6. arg. that sucks! i haven't seen any sign of af yet but i'm sure it'll be here soon and i'll have the same crushed feelings you described only to realize that there's a baby in the other room!

    and yeah... i had no idea that it messed with the milk supply. sheesh. that double sucks!

  7. Boo. I want to punch your period in the fucking face.

  8. I just think it's such a poor design, don't you?
    To be reminded you are not pregnant in such a painful, messy way.

    I think we should get streamers and a rainbow instead, or a martini handed to you, that wouldn't be so bad.

    Feel better, bunny.

  9. Not even getting 6 months period free is a bit of a rip off. And having it mess with BunBun's milk supply? I'd lodge a complaint if I were you.

    I love that embroidered onesie. She is one cute bunny.

  10. Lactating and menstruating, the oozing combo deluxe. That sounds fun, Bunny. Enjoy it.

  11. oh, shit! i am just seeing this, and ...damn. welcome to club suck.

    i am starting to wonder whether there's any research at all to back up that whole 6 months thing -- seems like i am hearing from a ton of us who got shat on early. i think i would have been a little less enraged if i hadn't been counting on this break since, oh, age 12 or so.

    i do think the breastfeeding is keeping mine lighter than usual. hope you get the same. we can't help it is we're such powerful earthy types that our Fertility just Cannot Be Denied, can we? um, or something. something about irony. good god, i need to sleep. ramble, ramble, ramble.

    anyway. it's all totally unfair, check.