Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Boring, frivolous shit

Lest you think all I do is stroke my beard and contemplate my own fascinating inner workings (both physical and mental...though I'm a materialist, in the philosophical, not the Madonna sense, so believe the mental IS the physical), here's some totally non-intellectual foddder. And if you're like I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR STUPID COOKIES RIGHT NOW, I quite understand.

First, I remembered that while sitting on my ass recovering I can BUY things! Things I don't need! Like these shoes! Because how could I not buy these shoes? I found them on a favorite site (JC, have you ever seen this site? Their logo looks just like Milo!) though they didn't have my size. But google led me to another site that Bionic Baby Mama recently turned me on to. The interwebs is so small, y'all! They arrived yesterday and are comfy and cute, particularly if you ignore my skinny, bruised, hideous legs. Now all that remains is to find the perfect accompanying frock.

Second, it's been about month since I planted my garden, and things are coming along okay, although I feel like my greens should be further ahead by now. Yesterday I planted the tomato and pepper seedlings that have been keeping warm inside. I am hopeful that at least some of them will survive and that I'll get a tomato or two. It's hard not to think about eggs and fertilization and death and life and...more death, what with the slugs, but perhaps when I get some actual fucking produce I will think about...uh...I dunno...FOOD.

Also, NEW YOU CAN'T USE AND DON'T CARE ABOUT. 1. Everything you guys write makes me cry, so I think maybe I'm having some real lady hormones again! Or else I've become very invested in what's going on in your lives. It could happen. 2. With a few exceptions (like while laundry is being done) I've been wearing Mr. Bunny's pyjama shirt for two weeks straight. I'm not sure I'll be able to tolerate human clothing ever again. Though I guess I'll have to, as it's a little risqué for teaching, and, more important, my new shoes don't go.


  1. Do you know, I was going to ask you about your seedlings? What is your weapon of preference wrt the slugs? Beer bath of death? Frizzing pellets/salt? Throwing into neighbour's garden? Other?
    Apparently, they can't slither over broken egg shells. Ever tried that?

    A little confused as to how you can't tolerate human clothing, but you can tolerate Mr B's PJs. Hrmmm. Maybe he really is a rabbit...

  2. At my university, there's a professor who teaches most of his classes in pyjama bottoms and flipflops. I've always admired the extent to which he just can't be bothered to clothe himself according to societal norms, even while I can't quite bring myself to emulate him:)

    I bet you get lots of good food...and that your tomatoes will be just tomatoes in August. (Our windowsill garden thrives only thanks to the ministrations of my husband. I tend to kill with what does THAT say, I wonder?!?)

  3. Bunny, you're nine kinds of awesome.

  4. 1. Very cute shoes, I would love to see a follow-up post wherein you choose the frock(s). 2. YES on the veggies! 3. The image of you in PJams and stroking an imaginary beard has me laughing out loud in my cube. And I don't even know what you look like!! xo

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  6. i almost killed our bamboo plant at home (umm, those don't even need sunlight and supposedly thrive ANYWHERE). i only started paying attention (and now i'm DESPERATELY nursing it back to health) after my mother in law told us that the bamboo is tied to our fertility. oh f*ck, NO WONDER we've been having problems. you might think i'm being sarcastic, but after i googled it, i'm now completely thinking that once bamboo is healthy, i'll get pregnant. i am now obsessed with this plant (damn you, MIL).

    very cute shoes! those, in addition to the first website link (love it btw) are exactly the frocks that i picture you in. score 1 for me. i failed miserably on what i thought leslie looked like (thought blonde, pale, and straight hair ... um, clearly i was wrong). good to know my intuition is *somewhat* intact.

    when dh is away, i wear his clothing when i'm at home. i've been doing this for 2 years now, and he only recently caught on. "huh, my shirt smells like you" (*duh*). it's quite a site considering he's so much taller than me (pj pants always fall down to knees, but whatevs ... makes me feel close to hubbs :o)).

    ps - deleted first post bc too many typos :op

  7. Funny that I buy a fair bit from modcloth, I swear we are shoe doppelgangers. Fluevog, sassy, kicky "I want to learn Flamenco dancing" shoes? I hope you are a size 8 so I can borrow some day. Thanks for the trashy diva tip, too.

    Damn. I think I'm going to be poorer by the end of today.

    P.s. I really hope I don't make you cry. I will reslove to post bad jokes from now on. I prefer a glum bunny to a sad bunny.

    P.p.s. I have these at home and I think you need them.

  8. Thanks for sharing the shoes AND that website! They have some extra cute stuff on their that I'm going to have to order! Happy that you're healing up nicely too. Yesterday doc suggested removing the fibroid I have laproscopically. Nice. I about threw the phone BUT after reading your post surgery posts, I think I'll be okay if I have it done. Just so much figuring shit out going on right now and I'm about to scream--oh wait, I already did and probably will do a million more times before this is all over with. Anyway, thanks for being an inspiration for a fibroid havin' girl like myself. Your posts always make me smile. ♥

  9. Those shoes are AWESOME! I really want to see the whole package, too. Once you get the dress to match them. Totally hot!!!

    I hope your tomatoes, um, bear fruit... too. It's sort of annoying either way. This is my first time gardening as an infertile, and it's like, my peppers are sitting there doing absolutely NOTHING, so I'm like, "I can't even produce PEPPERS! Much less a baby!!! Wail! Howl! Sigh..." But on the other hand, my cucumber plant is spewing cucumbers right and left, so I'm like, "Oh yeah, sure, Mrs. Cucumber. You think it's all just so EASY and FUN to produce these fruits of your loins right and left! Well, let me tell you, we don't ALL have it that easy!" Am I insane yet??

    And you want to talk about invested? I'm BEYOND invested. I'm even consumed with concern for the fate of your tomato plants.

  10. Love the shoes - love the websites!!! I don't know if it's me morphing into a proper housewife, but I've felt like wearing dresses and skirts a LOT lately, and I see a few things I like on those sites :). I love the trashy diva lingerie too - so cute!
    Two years ago, way too late into the planting season, I planted my tomato seedlings and thought I had screwed them up for sure. I rarely watered them, didn't amend my sandy soil properly and STILL managed to get some tomatoes. Luck? I'm not sure, but I'm convinced tomatoes will grow anywhere under any conditions. I hope yours cooperate :).

  11. I love Modcloth. *Wanders off into grand delusion of being able to sew beautiful dresses and be a style goddess*.

    1. I do get emotionally attched to bloggers that I love to read. I'd love to be able to chat to so many bloggers! An IM-fest! Love blogs!

    2. Tip for you and for Twangy. Eggshell does not work in my opinion - ie, at the end of guerrilla war with cabbage moths in which cabbage moths and caterpillars successfully made off with entire winter supply of baby broccoli and cabbages. Moths 1; Andie -100.

    As for TOMATOES - I beat the caterpillars and slugs by using the exclusion method. That is, block them. I used exclusion bags bought from - am sure you can find something similar. This is time consuming to do, but it works. And better yet, the fruit seems to ripen really well in the bags and you get a gloriously red, ripe, delicious fruit. You can see my success on my post "Autumn Harvest". Sure, I still lost a few tomatoes - never underestimate the willpower of a hungry caterpillar - but nowhere near as many as I lost before I started. GOOD LUCK hope this helps.

  12. Cute shoes! You def should find something to buy online to go with them. And their log IS so cute!!! Little Milo! =)