Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Followed Up

My post-surgical follow up appointment was today, and nothing awful happened. Let me just repeat that, as it's not something we can take for granted. NOTHING AWFUL HAPPENED. Indeed, the things that happened were more or less on the good side.

First, my incision is healing well enough that I have been released from pelvic rest. I was initially told six weeks of nothing up the vagina, and it's only been two weeks. Get ready, vagina! I've got a pile of things I've been saving up for you, including an umbrella, a VIKING RUNE CANDLE, and...oh yeah, my husband's penis.

Second, I get another HSG! Okay, this is not actually good. But I was wondering whether there'd be any assessment of the workings of my interior, so I'm glad I'll get to find out if my tubes are still clear. My last HSG was no big deal, though I know it's a nightmare for some women. I will call to schedule that as soon as I get my period. Good times! Lookin' forward to it!

Third, my timeline has not changed. Given my RE's magical failure when it comes to communicating about timelines, this was a big relief. Ten weeks from now we recommence our efforts to get me knocked up. (This time my RE seemed to expect us to do IUI rather than regular intimacy, which is fine with me. Whatever!)

When I think of sitting on the baby-making bench for ten weeks, it feels like an awfully long time. But when I consider that it's my entire summer, it seems incredibly brief. I gots maaaaad partying to cram into that short span. So I'd better get started.


  1. Great news!!! Your husband's penis should have an interesting time in there with the umbrella and the candle. Will you light the candle first, or afterwards?

    I say that's great to go straight to IUI. Why not, at this point??? Haven't you suffered long enough? Let's do some shortcuts, here!!

    And pass on some more drink recipes, eh?

  2. That's excellent news. The hsg will be reassuring to get with all that up in your business. I see a summer of fabulous cocktails ahead. My cucumber mint limey...1/4 peeled English cucumber(or regular seeded), a few sprigs of mint and sugar in a tall shaker, muddle (beat it up), add the juice of one lime, two oz. favorite vodka and ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass or serve in a highball filled with ice and top with soda water. Yum! Summer!

  3. wow, sexytime so quickly after a big surgery?? you must be healing ever so quickly!! and i'm so excited that you'll be doing an iui at the end of your time out. 10 weeks will pass by in a jiff. i think i have 8-ish weeks left till ivf numero dos, and i feel like it's just around the corner.

    do you have some interesting things lined up to distract you till then????

  4. Wow, those vikings had some interesting ideas about how to improve fertility.

    I know what you mean about the wait. Three whole cycles to get through before our WTF appointment/first RE visit seems like forever. But then I think about the fact that the summer won't even be over by then--and we know how fast a summer passes--and it seems like no time at all.

    Wishing you all the debauchery you can cram into three months :)

  5. Woo-hoo Bunny,
    Great news! You are my guide in this process, I hope I can follow in your footsteps.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. I will conect after I reach the other side.

  6. YES YES YES! Congrats! Enjoy having all the restrictions lifted. :) As for that darn HSG, shoot, not a fun one...but hopefully it'll re-clear out your tubies to boost your chances in those "pretend sex/IUI" months around the bend.

    Glad you're 110% on the mend!!

  7. You are so funny...glad you got the a-ok to start enjoying time with your hubs again! Sorry about another HSG, but I get wanting to "see" everything in working order.
    I know 10 weeks sounds like an awfully long time, but I guess if you're going to be benched, summer is the best time for it to happen. Hope you can find lots of ways to pass the time.

  8. Excellent news! And I'm glad about the HSG...because nothing says love like an umbrella up the...no, wait...that was the other thing:)

    I'm seriously glad they're going to check out your workings and not just assume that everything is alright. And I'm glad that the vagina gets to come off the bench early, to boot! Party at Bunny's house!!!

  9. Oh, I forgot about the Viking Rune...
    Glad your systems are in good working order and that you'll get to enjoy some pelvic action. Is that Marvin Gaye I hear?

  10. It's funny, after the first couple of surgeries, I couldn't even think about sex for 4-6 weeks after (ouch!), but even though this last one was the most extensive surgery, I was ready to go at 2 wks. Mostly because I happened to be ovulating exactly two weeks after surgery and I couldn't bear to miss another month after all that....
    Glad to hear you're feeling well enough to do the deed :). 10 weeks sounds like a long time until you think of it as only 2 1/2 months. Oh crap, that sounds like a long time too. Oh well, I hope you enjoying a very intoxicated summer :).

  11. let's hear it for irregular intimacy!

  12. I've heard of, ahem, exotic dancers blowing out candles with their hoo-has, but was not aware that the candle might also be inside said hoo-ha. And a Viking rune candle, at that. So, that would be impressive, is all I'm saying.

    Let the Summer of George commence!

  13. Eeexcellent!

    Party hard, my friend. I do hope you will share some more of your fabulous cocktail recipes.

  14. Love the update. Can't wait to read all the drunk bunny posts this summer.

  15. You have such a great attitude! So glad your appointment went well and your off pelvic restrictions ;)

  16. Oh stop it! you keep making me laugh and my cat is sitting beside me giving me evil looks each time I disturb him with my belly wobbling laughter!!
    I hope your husbands penis knows that there is some stiff competition for your vagina space!

    And how amazing must your recovery be so far that you are taken off pelvic rest already!!! Four weeks early! you are a legend. I'm suprised this doesn't bring the rest of your timeline forward a few weeks as well but I guess there is plenty of time for timeline changes in the weeks ahead.

    10 weeks is a great length of time and I reakon it won't seem like a long time (well not all of it will seem long). You can do this!

  17. Yay Bunny! I'm delighted to read that you're healing so well and everything is on track. But no umbrellas up the wazoo m'k?

    And hey - you just never know what will happen in the next 10 weeks! I hope you never have to go back to the RE's office at all and that the next doc you see is an OB. They got rid of those fibroids for a reason bunny-girl, hopefully it'll do the trick.


  18. After just TWO weeks your pelvis can stop "resting"? You're a super-healer. This is impressive!

    (I love the expression "pelvic rest". So demure.)

    Ten weeks of good times, bunny. Let them roll..

  19. So that's what the candle was for! :-)

    That's great news. You must be recovering really well. And whether it's regular or irregular intimacy you go for, or straight to IUI, you are back in the game! Though I don't envy you the HSG...I think I would run away screaming if anyone ever told me I had to have another one of those.