Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Public appearance

Yesterday Mr. Bunny and I were taking a walk around the neighborhood as we often do in the early evening, and he floated the idea of stopping by a local bar and having a drink. (Yes, I have the occasional drink despite being a nursing mother. If my pediatrician says it's okay, it's okay. Leave me alone.) I thought that sounded good, so we extended our normal route in that direction. But about a block away, I stopped. The idea of taking Bun Bun into an actual Place for Adults suddenly seemed crazy. For one thing, our water had been shut off due to a water main repair, so I'd sacrificed sleep to get up and shower before the shut off and was therefore cranky, while Mr. Bunny was grubby and disheveled...and therefore cranky. And I was wearing ratty flip flops and hadn't brushed my hair since that morning, and Bun Bun was in the Moby, and I knew as soon as I sat down she'd wake up and start fussing, and it was getting on towards time to feed her again... So we headed home.

I know that eventually we'll have to take her places (I mean, other than stopping by the falafel joint to pick up an order, or going to the grocery store, which is pretty much all we've done with her), because otherwise she'll grow up a bit defective. But for some reason, it's a big leap for me. I guess I'm afraid that she'll start shrieking and Child Protective Services will show up, and possibly also a S.W.A.T. team. Or maybe I'm afraid that someone will glare at me and shout GET THAT BABY OUT OF HERE, pointing to a sign on the wall that reads ABSOLUTELY NO BABIES ALLOWED. And then she'll make this face:

Even me? I'm a VERY GOOD baby.

And then we'll scurry home with her, and she'll make this face:

Home is the SHIT! Don't ever take me out again.

So I don't know. I guess eventually she'll be a teenager and won't want to go places with us anyway. Problem solved.


  1. lemme get this straight:

    you were wearing shoes
    you were wearing the moby, which implies that your tatas were covered
    you had brushed your hair not only within the octave but in fact on that same day
    AND you had showered?

    are you an android?
    omg, you're a cylon, aren't you?

    a drunken cylon.

  2. Yeah you'll get over that when the same 4 walls are driving you bat crazy and you find yourself humming the song the swing plays in the shower. Besides remember it's not an airplane, if she starts crying you pay your bill chug your drink and leave. Very cute pics!

  3. I TOTALLY walk around humming the song that the swing plays!! Perhaps it is time to hit the bars with the baby...

  4. She is super cute, love little bunbun

  5. OMG, I love, love, love that hair. Looks like all that BF pain is worth it. She looks gorgeous! Well Done!

  6. Look at that hair! Too.Freaking.Cute!!!!!

    Yes, bringing the babies into a restaurant for the first time literally gave me heart palpitations. But we survived. And we drank wine. And it was AWESOME. Also, exhausting. And while I do not have the stamina to do it often, it is extremely liberating to not eat every single meal in our home, as you will soon see!!

    Bun Bun is absolutely gorgeous. xoxo

  7. Love the pics! How adorable is her little face!!
    I try and get out of the house with Isaac once a day, whether it's to the grocery store, the mall to get a watch battery changed, or to the park for a walk in the stroller. He definitely likes the Moby, and likes me to keep moving, but I found that when we did stop (at a restaurant), if the boob goes in the mouth right away, there isn't too much complaining :). The Maya sling is nice for that, too, because the tail end of the fabric can cover him up and no one even knows he's nursing. In fact, I've walked around in public with him nursing in the sling, which is awesome.
    We did hit up one nice restaurant for brunch a few weeks ago - we sat on the patio. I thought it was a nice compromise for a more "adult" setting with a baby.

  8. I could eat her alive in her little fencer pose.

    All my love to you, ya shut in.

  9. Wes has been to many bars in his young life! So I can say with confidence that nobody's gonna look at you and your unbrushed hair or sleep deprived scowl. Nope. They'll be all over your sweet, gorgeous baby with tons of hair, and the service will be amazing. She is chubbing up beautifully. What a cutie!

  10. Awwww, the fuzziness! So cute!

    Bars are great: the ambient noise is usually medium, so nobody cares about the baby.

    As for a drink, well, I repeat this often to people: if you calculate the amount the baby would get from A TON of breastmilk right after you have your one drink (because two will make you fall asleep! because new babies are tiring!), it's like 1/2 teaspoon. Which is nothing. I have a great picture of Baby Bug nomming on a beer bottle. I'm pretty sure there was at LEAST a teaspoon left.

  11. Bun Bun is SO damn cute!

    Get thee to a bar! I totally understand why this would have been hard for you at the time, but dude... you deserve the break.

  12. Oh, goodness is she super adorable! It gets easier once you start going out more and more with Bun Bun. O is a champ out in public--the key is a clean diaper and fed (with a burp, of course) and your as good as gold. That's how I time most of my outings, but now that O is getting older, I usually have more time to run errands with her, which is super great. You'll be an old pro before you know it!

  13. Oh wow - she is so very cute - I love the hair!!! I'm impressed you guys were walking around, all dressed and stuff - next stop, bar hopping! Now doing shots with baby in a Moby - that would be a talent...

  14. OMG the hair! So freaking cute...

  15. She is such a love!!

    My comments - yes to drinking. M ped said "if you're too drunk to drive you're too drunk to breastfeed" so if I can walk a straight line, I figure I'm ok. And beer promotes healthy lactation, or something. Just yesterday I had to abort a playdate in the park because of rain and we instead went to a bar with our 3- and 4- month old boys, and we had beer, and bar snacks, and it was awesome.

    On going out to restaurants and other adult places, try going during the off hours, like dinner at 530 or brunch at 2. But it is scary at the beginning. Bear in mind it took me 4 moths to get to mommy and me yoga and the mommy movies, so iam not exactly the expert!

    And I hear the bouncy seat music in my sleep, like the other moms. It's a sign to get tout of the house

    Going out was scary

  16. She is so cute!

    I'm also a nursing mother that enjoys the occasional beer. It's goooood.

    I'm with you on being afraid that people will be all "get that baby out of here!" if L starts screaming. But, I've been going crazy at home. We took to Chili's on Friday night and he slept the whole time. It was awesome.

  17. Surely, you'll make Bun Bun autistic the way you're keeping her home like that. She's not even getting the chance to socialize with other 2-month-olds, or even with old drunk sailors. What kind of parents are you, anyway?

    Glad you're drinking. You're going to need it. Heck, sounds like you need it now. I am sending you virtual merlot for the evening, until you can make Mr. Bunny go out and get a bottle.

  18. Ah, see, that does my heart good, to see BunBun's dear little face.