Thursday, June 17, 2010

Extremely exciting update, and a warning. And some whining. And a possum.

Update: I'm wearing PANTS!

I should perhaps note that I'm talking about American pants here, not British pants. Those I wear every day, 'cause I'm all genteel and shit. I haven't been able to wear pants since my surgery because the incision site was too tender. This is not much of a hardship as I'm more of a skirts and dresses person anyway, but every now and then a girl wants PANTS. So today I threw comfort to the winds and put on jeans. And I'm still in 'em.

Okay, that was pretty thrilling, so take a moment to recover. Glass of water? Smelling salts?

Warning: Next week I will most likely be ovulating. And I fully intend to have sex around the time of ovulation. As we know, sex doesn't lead to pregnancy for me, which is why I'm comfortable coming sort of halfway off the bench (no fertility monitor, no stressing about lots of timed intercourse) three weeks early. I mention this because, for me, it's an extra fierce kick in the stomach when someone gets pregnant and I'm not prepared for it. So now you're prepared...for me to not get pregnant. But you can put those balloons away, as this is not my official return to TTC-land. And I wanted a chocolate cake.

Whining. Just in case you're hating me for my ability to wear pants or for my infinitesimally minuscule shot at pregnancy, let me also note that my career is completely FUCKED, everything sucks, and the thought of sweet death taking me felt genuinely nice this morning. Which is not to suggest I'm going to off myself, as I wouldn't, but DAMN life is wearing me down.

And a possum. Just because I like 'em.


  1. Now I'm going to have to go back and re-read all your posts with the knowledge that you are pantsless in them! Wowsers!

    I still think it's completely weird that people get pregnant by having sex. But I won't hold it against you if you do.

  2. Why is your career fucked? Bunny, I don't like the sound of that! What happened?

    Mine's fucked because I waste all my time on IF sites instead of reading and writing. But we knew that already.

    Congrats on the pants and the sex!

  3. Pants! And a sweet little possum! And ovulation!! I'd say to hell with your career, but that's no good and hopefully things will start looking up on that front, as well. Wouldn't it be nice to get a week where everything goes well, where you don't have to sacrifice on any front? Harumph...

    If sweet death hangs around the joint, though, I think you should get PANTSED (or, "trousered", if you prefer). And I mean that very much in the British tradition:)

  4. At least if sweet death comes, you'll face it in PANTS!

    Enjoy the jeans, careers are overrated anyways and enjoy your semi-fertile sex.

  5. Bunny, honey (you know I've been saving that one up)...I am appalled at your possum and deeply offended that you dare to be so masculine in attire. I am in my high neck frock with a hem that brushes my toes. Where IS your sense of modesty, woman? All this talk of fornication? Devil's talk!

    All my prudish, judgemental bullshit aside, I am sorry that the career is taking a big ol' pee in your pool of happiness. I'm hoping you find a way to wase to shallow water and wait out the stinky bit. It just plain sucks.

    Also, huge congrats on getting a wee shot at being able to go forth and multiply. That is godly even if it involves naughty sex. (Which we all know us the very best kind, hence the sin part.)

  6. everyone and their mom is getting pregnant lately, so why NOT you?!!??!!! i've gone ahead and reserved a bfp on the july/august train, so perhaps you should call ahead and do the same? for june even?

    the possum is soooo cute!!!! i kinda want one after looking at this picture, but i imagine they are rabid?? i almost opened the back door of my inlaws house to a 2 foot tall raccoon once. i thought it was their cat meowing at the glass door, and only when my hand was on the handle did i realize that frenchfry (the cat) looked 3x's too bag and had black rings around the eyes. i almost died. i coulda been killed! anyways, i don't know how i got from a possum to a raccoon but i did.

    i'm assuming you're having a bad day at work, but i'm confident you'll get things cleared up and kick a$$ soon. there's no way you're not the star of your dept!

  7. Lol, you crack me up. Yay for pants, and for sexing it up next week! I'm really sorry your career is fucked, I hope it's not really completely fucked. I bet you're awesome at what you do so don't let any fuckers tell you otherwise.

  8. oh well, you can join me in drowning my sorrows at career death. Vodka cocktail?

    And my jeans don't fit anymore thanks to prednisone. Yay. Sux to be me. Gin?

  9. Ah, I loved being able to finally wear jeans again. It seemed like it took a lot longer after this last surgery, but it's a good feeling to finally button or zip something and not cry out in pain, right?
    Go do it next week and best of luck :).

  10. There was a possum in my garbage can a few months ago. I gently dumped him out and poked him (with a broom) but he didn't move, even though I could see it breathe. It finally occurred to me - he's "playing possum!"

    I don't know you IRL, but I suspect your career is not screwed. It just sounds like the end-of-research-leave blues talking.

  11. Pants! Followed by pantless (and pantless) sex! Let's just keep the possum out if this for now, shall we?

  12. Yay for pants and sex and ovulation! Oddly enough, I don't remember having problems with pants. (But with sex, oh...)
    I do hope death will spare you this time round and you get back on better terms with that career.

  13. Marvellous, pants, (you mean trousers, of course) and I consider myself prepared, in the manner of a girl guide. If you get pregnant this month, I'll be ready AND happy.

    Possom = very sweet.

  14. Wait a one told me about the no-pants thing. What am I supposed to wear for 6 weeks???

    Now what's this about your career being fucked? I hope you're all right. And might I suggest cocktails as a possible alternative to sweet death?

  15. Hooray for pants. Now take them off and go have fun. Both you and your career will be fucked (boo-hiss)!
    Seriously, whats going on with work?

  16. Career, schmareer. You have pants.

  17. Once I found a possum in my parents' humane (live capture) trap under their deck and I thought it was ded... and then i remembered... it was Playing Possum!!! Boy did i feel silly. But it really did look dead. Complete with rigormortis and all.

    So maybe you can take a page from your buddy and play possum for a few days until everyone else in the universe forgets about your career. I guess those things (careers) aren't as delicate as they seem at moments like this. And a few days lying in bed can't hurt (you could even have a pretend wake, complete with lots of irish whisky).

    Also, congratulations on pants and the possibility of getting pregnant. I say go whole hog and buy some opk's. Why not? You'll be disappointed if you get your period anyways, so you might as well give it your best shot.