Wednesday, July 7, 2010

International Ovulation?

Because I'm a jetsetter with an extremely exciting and glamorous life, I will be going abroad in the very middle of this cycle, the first cycle in a loooong time when I fully intended to do everything I could to get pregnant. In fact, I might be ovulating the day I arrive in Germany all jetlagged and disgusting. I'm concerned for a few reasons. The first is the whole prospect of stumbling off the plane and insisting my husband DO me. Like maybe while waiting in line at customs. (Purpose of your visit? Ahem! Madam? Sir? Can you stop that for ein Moment, bitte?) The second is that I've heard international travel can disrupt ovulation. And of course I don't do the whole charting-temping thing 'cause I've always relied on my fertility monitor, so I basically never know what's happening after I see the LH surge.

Have any of you been in this position before? Any words of wisdom?

I suppose (assuming I even get a LH surge--who knows what's going on in there...) I should just make sure we do the deed as often as possible before we leave, so that there are some sperm hanging out in case an egg comes along. Even if they're tired and disoriented and flipping through their German phrase books.


  1. I used to make the transatlantic trip every 3 weeks or so, and was monitoring the whole time with my fancy CBEFM. It never threw off the surge by more than a day, but I also don't get jetlagged very badly. Maybe do some reading into melatonin? It's great for jetlag but may also affect ovulation.

    I didn't realize looking attractive was part of the TTC process. Perhaps that is where I have gone wrong....

    At least you are traveling together. That does increase the odds!

  2. I don't have any experience with this on ovulation, but I know I've had cycles messed up (delayed period) from traveling. It sucks that this is your first cycle back and who knows how you'll be affected - I would just have sex as often as possible and leave it at that. Then get serious with the monitor etc the next month. That's just me though.

    Glad your husband is going with you so you have a chance this month.

  3. I traveled internationally during my last cycle (no time zone change though), returning about 4 days before ovulation. Nothing really was so different. I would pack some extra ovulation sticks just in case it takes a little longer (if you want to monitor)than usual and I think getting the swimmers in there just in case is a good idea too. I do like Al's idea about just having sex and monitoring more next month. Good luck to you and have a great time :)

  4. No wisdom to offer, except having lots of sex would seem like a good idea. So it's good that the bunnies can travel together.

    Bon voyage and all that. Have fun! Give us a wave as you go over the green bit of sponge that is Ireland.

  5. Oooh, I am so excited for your trip!!! Do you eat sausage? If so, will you promise to eat at least 5 or 6 of them for me???

    And make sure you channel my spirit as you sit beneath some plane trees in a biergarten sipping on your 1L bier. I prefer the kristalweisen (although I am not sure how to spell it).

    Where in Germany are you going? For how long? I think it will be very very romantic and you won't need to worry about missing your o-day... except that of course you should have sex right before you leave for the airport, just in case.

  6. Since I don't ovulate, this is a problem I've never had the pleasure of encountering. But I would think that the more sex the better!!!

    I hope you and the hubs have a romantic time in Germany, it sounds very jet set-y and glamorous and wonderful. A stein of beer with a baby on the side, pleas & thank you!


  7. haha, i have to ditto egg's post exactly!! just have lots and lots of s*xytime!!!

    will you name your bunny after germany, if you conceive there?

  8. I hate to be the Debbie Downer (*wah-wah*) in this post, but international travel does screw up my ovulation and has ever since I was a teenager. I've had my ovulation delayed as much as two weeks from traveling across time zones (and that was when I had a regular cycle).

    Last July we went to London right when I was supposed to be ovulating and I was all "Yay, I'm going to get pregnant here and I'll have a British baby and name him Nigel Worcestershire Charles." And then I never ovulated at all and spotted for 10 days before getting my period.

    BUT-- I already knew all this about myself. So if you've never had a screwy cycle from traveling, you probably won't have a problem.

    And-- ENJOY YOUR TRIP!!! Drink very large steins of weizen!!!

  9. How exciting! An international ovulation! I have no words of advice, but I hope you have a great trip and come back with great news.

  10. stress delays my ovulation, and i'd bet that has something to do with it for some of the travel-disrupted people. so maybe it will and maybe it won't; no telling.

    even when my ovulation is delayed, pee sticks still work. (i just have to use WAY more of them.) so i wouldn't worry about the temping thing.

    sex ist w√ľnderbar, baby!

  11. Hmmm. Mile High Club, just to be on the safe side? Cause there's nothing sexier than a 2'x2' plane bathroom with no sanitary surfaces to speak of. (How am I doing? Am I selling it?)

  12. I don't have any advice on this either. I guess just take more OPKs so you know what's going on. And do it like, er, bunnies!

  13. Test, test and test with opks. Peeing in plane badezimmers sucks. I am imagining you in Munich for some reason and if so, mas bier trinken must happen if that lh surge jacks you over.

    Otherwise I think the preload (or milkshake as the Mr. calls it...ew I know gross, yet apt) strategy will work well enough.

    I'm very excited for your trip, and the prospect of getting to annoy future bunnies with "The Lederhosen" story.

  14. I once made my husband do me in an airport hotel before heading to his parents' house because I was ovulating. Their house has really thin walls and...anyway. I think you can get thrown off if the surge hasn't started yet (i.e, it can be delayed by a few days) but I think once the LH starts a-pumping there's not much that can stop the egg from dropping (though, I could be wrong).

    Viel gluck mit mission sex:)

  15. do it doggie style! I heard that will work!

  16. I also get jetlagged flying East, but never West. Weird, I know...but back when we lived overseas it would definitely mess with my chart. Of course, our trips were 26+ hours of Germany might not mess with you that badly.
    I've done the melatonin thing before and it does work pretty well(if you have trouble going to sleep once you arrive in country - you have to take it a couple hours before you want to fall asleep.
    Good luck catching that egg! Airport bathrooms are kinda gross though....maybe you could get in one of the first class lounges, lol?

  17. I guess this differs from person to person... if stress usually throws your cycle off, then I'd guess this travelling could, too. (I'd agree with Adele that this affects the phase before the LH surge, but don't really know either.)
    Have fun with Mr Bunny just in case! (before, during, after, ...) And viel Spass with the Bier and Wurst and whatever you will encounter!

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