Monday, January 3, 2011

On naming

It's my understanding that I'm required by law to provide a name for my child. SIGH. This whole bringing a life into the world business is nothing but work. Left to his own devices, Mr. Bunny would choose something totally lame. Me, on the other hand--I'm a fan of unusual names. Not crazy-unusual, like Whisperwindponyhead, just rare. So as I collect possible names for Bun Bun, I'm trending towards the odder ones. But there's not an unlimited supply of them. That's why I'm going to let CAPTCHA (the word verification thing we all know so well) contribute. Here are a couple of the top contenders I've collected while commenting on your fine weblogs.

For a boy:
Spiasmso. I know--everyone will call him Spasmo. But there definitely won't be another one in his class.
Prumrops. It has a classy British feel. The kind that will totally get him accepted to Oxford.

For a girl:
Nozess. When asked what her name means, she can be like, a female Noz.
Ponabfqa. True, people will misspell it because q is always followed by u in English. But they say you should choose a name that's pronounceable, and you can't beat a b-f-q consonant cluster for pronounceability.

Quishl. It combines all the ethnic flava of something like Keisha with the traditional primness of something like Nigel.
Bucket. Yeah--it's a word. But when captcha gives you Bucket, how can you not go with Bucket?

Do be sure to keep an eye out for me, as I'm sure there are many other great names just waiting to be randomly generated.


  1. HA! This is terrific. I often try to make meaning out of my captchas; why not a baby name? Will keep you posted.

    Ooh, here's a good boy name: Exach.

  2. :) you never fail to make me smile. Good luck with the naming thing, I find that to be a lot of pressure.
    I hated my name most of my childhood (unclear why) now I like it and find it fits me perfectly. Although both my first and middle names are words in the english language (different spelling on the first name). My parents claim to have not realized this, until I pointed it out to them when I was about 10.
    I will keep a look out for you.

  3. My vote's on Quishl :).

    And todays captcha was "copul", but I would NOT advise any name resembling copulation. That kid is going to never make it through the teenage years...

  4. hahahahahaha. GOOD ONE bunny! but can't Bun Bun be Bun Bun forever?! I kid. :) xoxo

  5. Oh man, I could have come up with some GOOD names if I actually remembered my captcha words. I agree with Egg...why not just Bun Bun? Maybe I should let Ting and Ling stick for my girls? Although it might sound just a bit strange with my extremely Irish last name :)

  6. Uhh..... what's wrong with Nozess?

    Kidding. That's an awesome way to end - and totally win - any naming debate.

    "To the captcha!"

    (And, for the record, mine is devughlt. Unisex? I think?)

  7. And the Magic Captcha sez....


    Excellent. Like an illiterate's attempt at spelling "Warren." Which is such a delightful name for a boy, or a presidential assassination investigation commission (couldn't it be unisex, though, like Georg? I saw a contestant on, I dunno, Jeopardy or something recently named Georg. Spelled just like that. Maybe it was on one of the Food Network contest shows. I'm not digressing, I want you to know the origin so you can tell little Georg who s/he was named after one day.)

    Ooh, second one was:


    Definitely for a girl. Who is a Queen/Senator from Naboo, er, whatever.

  8. As someone with an unusual name... I say, go for it!!

  9. These newfangled names. I tell you, you new parents today. The biblical names were good enough for us, and they should be good enough for you! How about:


    And what, pray tell, is wrong with Nebuchadnezzar?

    Edit: My Captcha today is Whorsk. A lovely name for a girl.

  10. Quishl reminds me of queef. I suggest you skip this one.

  11. You could start a whole new movement with this. As someone given a very common (boring) name myself I like the unusual :)

  12. OMG, I have seriously fallen in love with Roccie. :)

    The naming is haaard, but so much fun. We had picked out a handful of names for a boy and a girl, all of them starting with the letter A. Dunno why we were enamored with A names, but we were. We had two names picked out for a boy, and we wanted to wait to see if he looked more like one name than the other. (We never told anyone our names, and when people would ask we would simply dodge the question with crap like, "Oh, we're still deciding.") Within minutes of meeting him, we knew he was an Arlo. It took us a full 24 hours, though, to tell everyone the name we had picked out. We just wanted to dwell with it, wanted him to be the first to hear his name, 'cause, you know, we're selfish bitches like that. Everyone keeps asking us where we got the name from--so be prepared for that. We just liked it, and it fits him so perfectly.

    I have an unusual name--well it was unusual until a certain pop singer appeared with the same name, though spelled slightly differently. It was and still is constantly mispronounced, so much so that I will now involuntarily answer to the mispronounciation...which is sad. But I love my name and would never change it.

  13. Bwah hah hah! My fave is Bucket. You know, pronounced in the french way - Bouquet.

    Sadly I can report as a follow-on to JBs comment that there is a disturbing trend here in Australia to spell Warren as Woran. But you know. It probably doesn't matter. They'll all end up being called Wozza anyway.

    Oooh. Magic CAPTCHA says Baulters is your Australian option.

  14. I'll definitely keep my eye out for your perfect CAPTCHA baby name.

  15. I've always been disappointed to not have a Q in my name. I've got two Z's, so that's a bonus. So anything with at least two odd letters makes a perfectly odd name. Quizeliam?

    Captcha will tell me what you've rolled in a second. Hmm. Gorativi sounds a bit ethnic.

  16. am i the only one who gets mostly almost-curse words and grossywossy-like words for the word verifications? my last one was "fuking". seriously. did i tell you my prediction for you? i think you're having a boy :o)

  17. Spiasmso is my favorite of the bunch:) I can see it. "That Spiasmso...he's such a cool cat, except for the twitching."

  18. Hah this is pretty cool. I always get a giggle out of what the comments thingy generates especially when it relates to my mood or what I am commenting on.

  19. Circling back to tell you that "Bucket" might end up being a best friend to "Blanket." Think about it. Just saying to not write that one off. :)

  20. I wanted to comment to see what the blogger gods would give us and got this "sysatur".

    Huh? Sounds like an extinct dinosaur. cool.

  21. I think it's the two boys names I like the best. Spiasmo goes to camp. Spiasmo learns the alphabet. Spiasmo gets the stomach flu. I can see a series of children's books already based on your bundle of joy's experiences.
    I will keep my eye out for good names from our friend captcha.

  22. I just got "stans".
    Stans and his sister, Deliver.

  23. I just got verrald and though of you. It's sort of old school, like gerald. But not.

    Naming is haarrrd!