Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pregancy after myomectomy: Please convince me all will be wonderful!

About two weeks until I go under the knife. In addition to growing tired of near constant hot flashes (Dude, I never truly appreciated my hypothalamus before! I'm getting it a special Christmas present this year for sure!), I have also grown tired of reading research papers about this surgery. I would now like some anecdotes. Or anecdata, a word I learned from gingerandlime.

So I'm sending out a call to the wider ALI community. If you're here from LFCA, I'm interested in hearing any stories about pregnancy after myomectomy. I'm particularly interested in stories from people who had a diagnosis of IF before the surgery (as opposed to recurrent loss, and as opposed to people who had the surgery for other reasons, then conceived). In other words, I'm interested in people as close to me as possible who now have fat, happy babies. (Or skinny, querulous babies--I'm flexible.) But as a special favor, please don't tell me horror stories about how you lost your uterus or how you tried to conceive for ten years afterwards and never got pregnant or how deciding to do the surgery was the worst decision of your life. 'Cause that would scare me. Thank you so much!

(P.S. I'm aware of all the risks (scar tissue, etc.), the fact that they recur, the fact that I'll need a c-section if I do get to give birth and all that jazz--I'm not contemplating this surgery, I'm HAVING IT.)


  1. no fibroids for me, but my ex-coworker/now-friend tried getting pregnant for a year before they realized she had fibroids. had them removed and *voila*. 6 months later, with child. big fat happy baby (those are best!!! altho who'm i kidding, i'll take a skinny one as well)! so, no personal experience with this, just a friend who went through with it. pls don't forget us on the other side once you get that bfp :o)

  2. No stories from me, just bloggy-love and some good thoughts. Hope you get to hear the stories you want!

  3. I don't have a myomectomy story, but I do have one in regards to uterine polyps which I know aren't quite the same.

    My MIL was TTC'ing for going on two years, had seen a bunch of doctors who could never really diagnose her IF. FIL got into grad school, and she followed him there and saw a specialist who diagnosed her with uterine polyps.

    She underwent an operation to remove them, and no kidding - one month later, DH was conceived. Then five years later comes a totally unexpected pregnancy and voila - SIL!

    True story. She blesses that doctor all the time in her prayers, and I guess I should too.

  4. I can tell you my story! After trying to conceive on our own for two years, we went to a fertility specialist. It turned out that my husband's sperm were no good, and that I had a huge fibroid in my uterus. We were told to move on to IVF with ICSI, but they thought that my fibroid was no problem because it was in the uterine muscle wall, not in the uterus itself. After two rounds of IVF transferring beautiful embryos, our RE told us that 1) he couldn't see what he was doing because of the fibroid in the way and 2) the fibroid may in fact be preventing implantation. I went under the knife in may 2004. I was on depot lupron for 3 months prior to cut off the blood supply and estrogen to the fibroid. The operation was successful, although I won't sugar coat it...the recovery was long and awful, and it created a lot of scar tissue inside. It wasn't until October of 2004 that I could attempt an IVF cycle. I became pregnant on the first cycle after the myomectomy. (although it ended in a miscarriage, it had nothing to do with the surgery). I went on to become pregnant with twins, and carried them to full term without any problems (born at 38 weeks). Two years later I became pregnant with my daughter.

    Getting the surgery was the best thing we did. I wish I had insisted on having it removed before we underwent our first two cycles, because we were obviously throwing our embryos away. The scar tissue does increase certain pregnancy risks, like uterine rupture, and it is unlikely that you will be allowed to have a vaginal birth afterwords due to increased rupture risk.

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  5. Hi from LFCA, I had "unexplained" infertility with fibroids (just smallish ones). I ended up needing a medicated IUI and getting pregnant on the first round with twins (not so fat but happy babies!) My fibroids grew with the fertinex and subsequent twin pregnancy to quite large (biggest one was ~30cm). The fibroids led to issues during delivery (c-section due to breech). This was way back in '98. Anyhoooo twins successfully left my uterus, however my 'triplet' never did :) finally in 2001 I had a myomectomy to remove the now very annoying fibroids. I really wanted and hoped to get pg naturally after this, but it did not happen so back to the RE and on my first medicated (now with follistim) IUI I got pregnant with my singelton daughter in 2003. The pregnancy was fine, however the fibroids came back but did not bother my daughter at all. I still have them now but eventually I will get the whole uterus out (I have uterine cysts too-it is like a party in there!) So looonnnnng story short, I had my fat happy baby, after my myomectomy!

    My sister who has not had any IF issues had a myomectomy and successfully had two children since (her fibroids came back too so this is something you should be aware of).


  6. All will be wonderful! (bread)

    Honestly, the thought of someone putting a scalpel to my uterus at this point gives me the chills, so I think you are completely correct to be terrified. (shit)

    However, you didn't have luck before, so this gives me a lot of hope for you afterwards. (bread-- but TRUE bread. I'm not just saying that!)

    I am wondering how you know if you even HAVE fibroids? Would they be visible on an ultrasound? My mom had them before they yanked her uterus, and I know they are highly heritable. But wouldn't my OB have said something?

  7. 2 weeks! I don’t think I realized it was in 2 weeks (though, yes, I realize how long it has taken you to get to this point…like watching grass grow, eh?). Hoping you get oodles of good stories.

  8. I haven't had a myomectomy myself, but I knew a woman in grad school who had had infertility, had a myomectomy at age 40, and then about a year and a half later had a happy, healthy, chubby little boy. He's probably in kindergarten now.

  9. Bunny, I don't have any myomectomy sucess story for you but you're still in my thoughts and I'm hoping you get some comfort in other peoples good stories.

  10. Hi Bunny-
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    I enjoy reading more about your experiences with fibroids

  11. H, here from LFCA. I had a myomectomy in December of 08 after a diagnosis of unexplained IF. I was 38 and had done 5 IUIs with Clomid with no results. After my myomectomy, I did IVF in March and got pregnant. I miscarried that pregnancy (not related to myomectomy - just wanted you to know I got PG right away), but did an FET in April 09 and got pregnant again. My son was born in December 09. Happy and healthy! I'm so glad I got the myomectomy. Feel free to check out my blog posts from that time as I blogged all about my experience. Best of luck to you!

  12. I had a myomectomy at 27 due to heavy bleeding and for the future should I try to conceive.
    I was pregnant years before with my beau of 3 years on the pill....and then at 34 had a miscarriage very early on..on 9-11. Just coincidence...then got pregnant a few months later ( Obgyn said to wait 6 months) and almost lost our son..I was bleeding and the Obgyn gave me hormone suppositories as my progesterone was low....I couldn't take the twice daily doses as I felt like a monster...so I did it once a day..he hung on..the Obgyn said babies are born during famine and in war..so if we can get this one to hang on until week 12 well it will be a good sign.
    He was born via csection and then we got pregnant again only 9 months later.
    The Obgyn saw a fibroid on the sonogram....and it did not cause any issues.
    My daughter was born 17 months after her brother...
    I got pregnant two more times and for unrelated reasons could not have the first ..the next month I got pregnant but it was too soon and the pregnancy just floated away...chemical pregancy I think it was called..
    The second fibroid caused heavy heavy bleeding..my new Obgyn let it get too big...she was way too laid back...and missed my severe anemia and heart murmur from years of bleeding like I was miscarrying monthly...
    Had a myomectomy at 44 and it was bigger than a grape fruit...was pushing on my bladder for years...old Obgyn said it was in my head..that it would not affect my frequency
    It got so big that it prevented kidney stone from passing quickly
    It was pushing my ureters out...and caused constipation.
    Now one month post second myomectomy I am experiencing signs of pregnancy
    If so I am sure it is just too risky to keep this one....

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  19. Im 28 no kids i have a fibroid 6.8cm im thinking the myomectomy surgery but scared i wont be able to have kids after

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