Friday, April 16, 2010

Thirty-four year old toes

My birthday was...well...nice, if I'm honest. I'd been dreading it, and dreading my husband feeling like his efforts to make me happy were a failure. I'd even told him that he shouldn't take it personally if I was unhappy. But I wasn't! I shed a few tears, sure, but I do that every damn day.... I think I was IF-happy. You know, as close to happy as I get these days.

It helped that the weather was amazing. Jesus up in heaven cut me some fucking slack, and gave me a perfect 75 degree day, with a mild breeze. Because I have the incredible luxury of being able to skip work without anyone caring, I spent most of the day lying out in the yard. (Wearing a big hat and SPF 40 sunscreen, with loads of avobenzone in it, never fear!) My husband served me like a remarkably cheerful slave. Around lunch time he gave me a giant box of...fancy liquor! SO RAD! So I drank me some of that right away, greatly adding to the mood of mellowness.

It helped that I'd e-mailed BFB a few days before (basically right after reading all your nice validating comments...) expressing my "sadness" over "how things worked out" (i.e., my ANGER over what an THOUGHTLESS TOAD she'd been). She wrote back immediately saying that she'd been feeling awful about it and realized she'd fucked up and had been trying to figure out how to fix it and was very very sorry, thus resolving the Birthday Incident of Oh Ten. I'd suggested she sneak over if the in-laws went back to their hotel for a nap, and so she did, bring several charming presents that reminded me why I love her so.

It helped that all these nice people who I've only internet-known for a short while left me birthday wishes and hilarious shit stories! Thanks, y'all! You're the best!

After we returned from dinner, we ended up engaging in an oddly enjoyable nostalgic activity. We googled "top 100 songs" from every year since around 1989. Even though Mr. Bunny and I had quite different musical tastes in our youth, and even though neither of us was at all top-fortyish, it turned out that pretty much every year there'd be a song (usually around number 50 or so...) where both of us were like Oooooooooh! That SONG! It totally did it for me back then! And then we'd youtube it up and listen, and just freak out about the memories that came flooding back. The experience might not come across well in writing, but give it a try sometime. It's a great way to finish off a year / start a new one.

In my next post I will reveal my best birthday present! Can you BEAR the anticipation?!?!?!


  1. Happy birthday, toes!

    That was good, that you said something to your friend, and the message was received and that the day went well in the end.

    Good on you..

  2. Glad #34 turned out to be a good birthday. I love that you got to lounge around outside soaking up the sun and enjoying expensive liquor...bliss! And even better that your BFB made an appearance and made it up to you.

    Have a great weeekend.

  3. i'm glad you had a great day and that the weather gods smiled down upon you :o) and esp glad that you said something to bfb and that she fixed things and gave you awesome gifts!

    did you wake up yesterday singing to yourself? i started doing that when i met hubby. my 1st birthday together (he's not a morning person), he was confused bc he heard singing (*bad* singing - i can't carry a tune) and it took him awhile to realize that i was singing "happy birthday" to myself over and over again WAITING for him to catch on and start singing. i think that's when he knew i was officially 100% grade A WEIRD. i prefer being thought of as *unique* :o)

    TGIF!!! i hope you have fun weekend plans. i'm hanging with my new nephew this weekend and can't wait to smother him with kisses!

  4. The Mr. and I do that pretty often, a video youtube party. Had it not been for these little dates, I would have never known that my Mister punk rock has a soft spot for Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. Your birthday sounds like a killer time! And the hubs sounds like he's loads of fun to be around and that backyard lazyness seems divine.

    You've inspired me to tackle my yard, so maybe I'll have a before and after for next week. I wonder if they sell machetes at Ace...

    Thanks also for the fortune. Coincidently, I have one at my desk "Use your abilities at this time to stay focused on your goal. You will succeed."

  5. ps - love the idea about writing my friend a sweet card. great minds think alike!

  6. E and I also regularly do youtube music sessions (especially after a few drinks), and I've learned some interesting things such as that E sat next to the rapper San Quinn in homeroom... it is funny to hear all the stuff that local SF youth was listening to in the 90's ("don't give me no bammer weed", for instance. Unfortunately, it's catchy! Very unfortunately.).

    Your yard looks amazing right now-- can I come over and lie down right now? I'll even let you paint my toes. No, no, don't thank me. :)

  7. Laying in the sun sounds like the perfect way to ring in 34. ;) I've had big birthday parties, but I always loved the smaller, more intimate occasions more. I think what you and hubs did sounds cozy and ten kids of sweet. :) And I'm glad BFB came around... Really, happy happy happy 34 to you, Bunny! Have a good weekend!

  8. I'm so glad it was a good day - you deserved it. And I'm especially glad that you got to see BFB after all, and that she felt suitably remorseful:)

    I think a picnic with liquor sounds pretty damned good and I love the idea of googling songs. We should totally do that. But we'd probably digress into making fun of each others' musical tastes (which can also be fun:)

  9. Waaaait a second. You're saying the magnesium citrate wasn't your best gift? Damn, you're lucky!

    A drunken afternoon in the back yard (with pretty painted toes) sounds pretty great. IF-happy is sometimes okay!

    Glad you and BFB are back in synch. No more ungrateful toads.

  10. To cap off your youtube stroll down musical memory lane, I *beg* you to watch this:

    I almost peed my pants. There are more similar youtube "literal" paradies -- I highly recommend November Rain. Sample lyric: "When I play some sad piano, I think of Jesus and my slutty bride." *swoon*

    Also, while I'm dorking out:

    Glad you had a nice birthday! Here's to 34 being the Year of the Bunny.

  11. Oh my sweet God I just checked out JB's first link and think that I did, in fact, pee my pants... the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

  12. That sounds like a wonderful birthday! Oooohhh am very curious to know what was in the box of fancy liquor. Sounds like your hubby has got the birthday treatment covered.

    And no, I can't possibly wait to hear what your best present was! Need to know! Now!!!!

  13. Sounds like a great birthday - beautiful weather and all! Can't wait to hear about your best present!!! I love going back in time through music. So fun. I love to play the game with my husband where he says "this was our prom song" and I say "oh yeah, that song was popular when I was in 5th grade" - gotta remind him that he's A LOT older than me. Hehe.

  14. Happy birthday! So glad your birthday turned out well. Also very glad things turned out ok with your friend.

  15. Happy belated birthday! I'm so very glad that your friend came around for you in the end and that you had a relaxing time with your DH.

    Love the youtube walk down memory lane. My DH is a couple years older and grew up in a different country, so youtube is more of a "this is what my youth was like growing up here" - for both of us, since there are a lot of international vids on there.

  16. Hey Buns- Thanks for the linky loo to that extra sweet dress. Not my size though ;( You definitely get an A for effort though! I need to do an update sooooooon so I can let all the peeps know what's going down in Crazytown. So anyway, happy your birthday turned out extra nice and I'm hoping 34 has been extra good to you so far. Hugs!

  17. Well, happy birthday!! Sounds like turning 34 wasn't too bad after all. I am incredibly jealous of your huge backyard, day of complete relaxation, and manicured toes. Oh, and the lovely weather. (I saw a dusting of snowflakes today.) I hope this year will bring you great joy!

  18. 2010 birthdays seem to be better than previous ones in my experience too!
    Brilliant that you cleared the air with BFB and that she rightly agreed it was a royal mess on her behalf!!
    Lovely that your toes got to enjoy the sunshine and that you were waited on by a very subserviant husband!
    And as for the music... that sounds like so much fun. Songs hold so many memories that you never even knew you were holding on to. I love the nostalgia of hearing old songs. So pleased you had a great birthday, you definately deserved every second of happiness!

  19. Hey bunny,
    I tried to email you for the article you mentioned on my last post but for some reason your email doesn't like me. My email address is: Will you email it?
    Thanks & happy Belated. I like your toes!

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