Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Roses are red, violets are...waaaaaaaaaaahh

My husband's out of town so I've been working on his valentine. This morning I sat down to finish it off with some loving words. I find that I just don't know what to say. On the one hand, I'd like to say something like this year has been total crap and thanks for being supportive and awesome. But I've said that plenty of times so...boring. On the other hand, I'd like to ignore the whole damn I'm always heartbroken because we're barren and my daddy's dead and you're always a bit befuddled and sometimes VERY cranky thing and just focus on him and the reasons I fell in love with him. I guess it's been an emotionally volatile year so I don't feel like being funny and flippant, and when I try to get serious, I get awfully serious. And then I can't help but imagine us still in this childless place a year from now, and while I'm confident our marriage can take it, I just get overwhelmed with sadness and it drowns out the love. Maybe I should go the dirty limerick route...


  1. This is why I hate holidays of any shape or form. Bah humbug. They just taunt you with their refrain of, "Another year down and what have you got to show for it?"

    I vote for a dirty limerick:)

  2. Yeah, holidays are tough for us IFers. I am sure that your hubster would appreciate any words that are from your heart. I love it when my hubs does something unexpected...like a song or a poem or a bunch of flowers a day early...perhaps you could do something like that. However, I always approve of dirty limericks!!!

  3. Sometimes silliness is perfect. Once I got a Valentine's card that said:

    Roses are red
    And dawns are misty
    I hope your Valentines's thoughts
    aren't twisty.

    Which I really liked, because my Valentine's thoughts were indeed ambivalent at best.

  4. Love the dirty limerick idea :-)

  5. I'd go with the dirty limerick...I know I am getting tired of writing something to the effect of "hoping this year brings us wonderful things..." in every single card to my husband :)

  6. "There was an RE from Nantucket...."

  7. Jen = hilarious. ;)

    I haven't even started on my valentine yet. I have thoughts, but just thoughts only. I'm going with lighthearted this year. It's as much as I can muster. I'm with you--when I get serious, I get SURIOUR GURRRL, and that's just bad news all around.

  8. There once was a blogger named Bunny
    Writing a card to her honey:
    "This year's a bust.
    Next year we must
    Bring home a daughter or sonny."

    (Lame, I know)

  9. Yea I don't feel like being sappy or sentimental either, it's just too sad. I'm thinking a funny or dirty card.

  10. Sometimes I skip the card and go with the "actions speak louder than words" philosophy. Maybe you can plan something awesome and heartfelt. you can always spring the dirty limerick on him at bedtime.