Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some cosmic "humor" to brighten my day

One of the great luxuries of my life is that I get to walk to work. This might not seem like a luxury when you consider the waist deep snow and icy winds, but I love it. The walk means I get exercise every day, even when I am not allowed to work out due to my slightly enlarged ovaries. I also have some time when I can think sans distractions. Some days I can even appreciate the beauty of the natural world around me. Here are some of the things I saw this morning.

I love the effect of snow on branches.

Tiniest and most perfect footprints ever!

And this...


Good one, universe! You're SO FUCKING FUNNY. And I particularly appreciate the way the sheet just happens to be folded so the NOT PREGNANT is extremely prominent. Like I needed a reminder. *Sobs convulsively* This bit o' trash was right in the middle of the sidewalk, as though it had been placed there just for me. I picked it up and stuffed it under some ivy, 'cause there ain't no way I'm going to confront that every damn day.

So, about my ovaries. I did call the clinic yesterday as you all recommended. I asked the nurse whether ovulation ever occurs when follicles are still too small, but all she would say was, It's possible--don't want to say never. I asked whether the LH surge my monitor detected was real, and she seemed to think it was, and that I'd missed my chance. This seemed weird to me, since normally they do the insemination 36 hours after the trigger, and it had only been about 30 or so. I expected her to say we could do it this morning. But no. So I didn't get my questions answered, and I didn't really feel like pressing. After this morning's scan they took some blood and will call if I have indeed ovulated. It's so hard to trust the clinic. I know they are wise and experienced, but when they give me inconsistent information (ovulation 24 hours after LH surge? ovulation 36 hours after trigger?) I become confused and anxious. And they scheduled me to trigger on Wednesday night and come in for the insemination on Saturday. That has got to be a mistake! And I will most certainly confirm if they don't end up calling and telling me it's too late anyway. BLECH!


  1. They would have likely seen a ruptured follicle on the scan if you already ovulated, so you are probably okay for now. If you want to hedge your bets, get frisky with Mr. Bunny for the next couple of nights just in case. I know it's probably the LAST thing either of you is thinking about (IF=libido kill) but it might improve your odds just in case the IUI schedule doesn't meet biology halfway. And, if you are really concerned about the IUI being scheduled too late in the week, I would be bold and ask to speak to the RE, then DEMAND that they do 2 IUIs, 1 day apart, and sooner than Sat. If you trigger on Wed, the first IUI should be Fri (that would be ~36 hours). Many clinics recommend 2 IUIs back-to-back to ensure you get the goods in there within the ovulation window. You have to be pushy sometimes, because RE clinics can be a bit mechanical with procedural stuff and they need occasional reminding that it is not a case of one size fits all.

  2. I walk to/from work, too! :) The booty I usually find, though, is more akin to Colt 45 empties, abandonned grocery carts, and, once, a dime bag. Also, there was this one time I saw what looked like a duffle bag stuffed with an old sweatshirt in the shrubbery, but was actually determined to be, upon closer inspection, a man sleeping on the ground. Yay for eco-conscious transport! I just know that one day I will find an abandonned baby and will, for several integrity-lacking moments, debate stealing it over contacting the authorities about it. Though, is it really stealing if someone else abandonned it? I just know this is one of those circumstances in which the Finders-Keepers rule doubtlessly trumps all else. I have clearly never thought about this before. Not once.

    WRT your ovulation, I am just a clueless as can be, but I do detect some fuzzy math in there. They just don't want to make this easy for us at all, do they?

  3. And amen to IF = libido assasin.

  4. It's a major buzz kill to hope when we have to second guess every little thing the nurse and RE say. But sometimes it's the only way to ensure you get what you need. Good for you for taking control!

    Thinking of you and hoping all of the timing works out just right!

  5. Blech is right! I hope you get some kind of unambiguously good sign soon.

  6. jealous that you get to walk to work - I have a lovely 25-35 min drive where I sit on my a$$ then I got to work where I sit on it some more. i would love to be forced to walk every morning.

    LOL at the pregnancy test. Seriously universe, WTF?!

  7. I nearly died laughing (in an ironic way) at the progression of your photographs. "Lovely nature," thought I at the first one. "Sweet little prints," at the second. "What the fucking hell is that!?" at number three. Honestly, it's like the universe dishes up EXTRA crap in weeks that are already tough.

    I'm with JB: get busy with Mr Bunny unless you've been told not to (the old strength in sperm numbers thing). Fingers very crossed that when you hear today they'll tell you it was only the very beginning of your surge, or not your surge at all. I also agree with asking about the back-to-back IUI thing.

  8. I can almost hear Marvin Gaye in the background as we speak. A little reassurance can't hurt! And I think you read the signs wrong. See, the pregnancy box was laying that way so the "Pregnant" side could make its own little footprint in the snow.

  9. Loved the pics of the branches and footprints, so pretty! But the preg test, WTF universe is right!!! UGH!
    I hope you get some answers from your clinic, that's got to be realllllly frustrating. ((hugs))

  10. Sorry about all the confusion. Hopefully the blood work shows that you have not ovulated and that you still have a chance to IUI this cycle. I second what JB said...I think they can tell if you already ovulated by the u/s...it would show fluid from the ruptured follie.
    Wishing you the very best of luck!