Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Caution: Wheat-related post

So if you're not up for reading about hot, delicious, buttery rolls, click away.

Mr. Bunny has been doing a lot of baking lately. Last night he made rolls. You see, an important part of my Thanksgiving tradition is those nasty brown-and-serve rolls you get from the supermarket. But much as I love their amazing softness, I'm a little horrified by the 5,000 word ingredient list. So this was our first effort to make our own, a sort of test run for Thanksgiving. And they were perfect. Little bites of heaven, slathered with oodles butter. We had them with my delicious cream of spinach soup, and I probably ate about three hundred. Okay, wheat part over, the rest will be about babies.

I'm 14 weeks today. No matter how you count, this is definitely the second trimester. Morning sickness is OVAH! And I do have slightly more energy, but it's hard to say whether this is biological or psychological. It takes a lot of cognitive effort to worry about miscarrying. And sure, I still spend some of my time on that each day, but...less. And I'm more willing to do things that presuppose this will work and might seem hubristic and invite the Fates to punish me. For example, tomorrow I am giving a lecture on cognitive development. I begin with brain development in utero. And how could I not include a picture of my very own fetus's brain? I mean, I'm not going to be like HEY CLASS THIS BRAIN IS CURRENTLY RIGHT HERE IN MY UTE! LET'S TALK ABOUT MY VAGINA NEXT! but I can't resist casually pointing to a picture of "a thirteen week old fetus" and noting the lumpen little brain. Because every time I've given that lecture over the past five years, I've dreamed of getting to use video of my own child to illustrate certain things, like object permanence and conservation. So instead of feeling sad this year, I plan to have a little nugget of joy all up in there. God willing, this is where Bun Bun's exploitation in the name of education all starts.


  1. Those rolls sound delicious! Yaaa for the second trimester! I felt the exact same way last Thursday. And kissing morning sickness's ass goodbye sure does feel good! But now, i'm just eating everything in sight!

    Have fun with your lecture - it'll be Bun Bun's big moment :)

  2. If I'm not mistaken...don't you already have a little nugget of joy all up in there? Giggle. Cooool that Bun Bun is going to be making his/her big-screen début! And those rolls sound dynamite. As does your soup. Let's do dinner.

  3. Hey, you usually give us some food pics too. What gives?

    'a lot of cognitive energy to worry about miscarrying' gave me the laugh.

    Will the lecture footage make it to the sacred page of Bun Bun over the years? What fun!

  4. I love that you can use a pic of bun bun during your lecture :)
    I need to be invited to dinner at your house, by the way, you guys always make the best stuff

  5. I love how upfront you are with things. Wheat. Babies. You really know "the Holiday Inn principal" which is essentially, No Surprises. I love it!

    So glad the rolls worked out and they were yummy. I'm glad you enjoyed them, especially now that the nausea has left the building.

    Awesome idea about Bun Bun's developing brain. One of my favorite courses in undergrad was 'Environment and the developing brain' So great! But that was in 1996 and we didn't get to see the professor's fetus' brain. I think that would have made it cooler, personally.

  6. I love that you get to use Bun Bun in your lecture - way cool!!!

    And yum, homemade rolls... yummy... Hungry...

  7. Mmmmmmm...please send over some homemade rolls, they sound delicious.

    Congrats on being in the second trimester!! I can't wait to get to that 14 week mark.

    Enjoy using Bun bun's brain during your lecture, you can tell your kid how they helped enlighten young minds when they're old enough

  8. I soooo want to come to your house for thanksgiving. :) I'm glad you are doing well, and feeling well. That is so cool to be able to use a picture of bun bun.

  9. Oh... Delish carbs, sounds wonderful! Seriously, a big congrats on making it to the 2nd trimester. I know you won't relax but it feels good to start to let the world know "I'm gonna be a mommy"!

  10. I love that you're going to use your ultrasound picture in your presentation. And those rolls sound heavenly (as does cream of spinach soup).

    (Adele's stomach: RUMBLE:)

  11. I love your gluten-disclaimers :). Not that I ever click away when I start reading a post about baked goods, but it's nice to know that you're considering the feelings of us celiacs (and gluten-interolant)...LOL.
    That is completely awesome you get to use a pic of the bebe.

  12. Woah...14 weeks!! Awesome.

    Can I come over for rolls and spinach soup??? Sounds delish. Oh, how I wish I was a good cook.

  13. You hurt my tummy with all this delicious talk. Nummy! I am wondering if you did Parker house rolls. Must needs share, yes? I am on a bread kick, so kill my curiosity!

    Exploit that ultrasound sister! This is a fantastic way to illustrate to your class and get a chance to show off bebeh bun.

  14. This is the beginning of the end for sweet Bun Bun, isn't it? I'm imagining all the crazy psychological experiments he/she will be subject to in the coming years. But he/she will get to eat your delicious homemade buttery rolls, so I'd say he/she's coming out ahead!

    (Would it be insensitive to call Bun Bun "it" for now?) :)

  15. Yay! I love that you're able to use Bun Bun's picture for your lecture! Amazing to get to this point. Happy 14 weeks!

    Also, I think you really owe us a damn roll recipe after that description. Mean.

  16. Bunny! Can you email this recipe to me when you have a chance? blog[dot]trinity[at]gmail[dot]com.

    I was on the prowl for a recipe for Thanksgiving when I remembered that you had posted about one recently!

    Thanks, lady!

  17. You are planning to put money away for Bun Bun's inevitable therapy bills, right? :) So glad to hear that you are past the sick and tired and starting to feel excited.