Thursday, August 26, 2010

Care to answer some intimate questions?

I'm very interested in your breasts.

Is that a creepy enough way to begin? Does it conjure up images of me lurking outside your bathroom window, notebook in hand? Actually, that's not me--must be someone else.

When BFB was early in her pregnancy, I asked her to tell me the story of finding out she was pregnant. Not because I wanted to hear it, because I felt I owed her that much. (By the way, I ended up telling her to fuck off for a while, and she was very gracious about it. And while I still think about her and her stupid baby a lot, at least it's on my terms now.) She said she knew something was up because her breasts started hurting way sooner than they normally do. This was surprising to me because mine start hurting well before they could be indicating anything. As I've listened to you guys talking about symptoms, I've become increasingly curious about this variable. I've also started wondering if you ladies with more ample bosoms are less likely to get hurty early on. So, if you'd care to answer the following personal questions, please oblige me. (Yeah, I could put up a POLL and be all technological and shit, but...nah.)
1. On what cycle day do you typically experience breast soreness, if you do.
2. Is the soreness slight, moderate, or XTREME. If it changes, please describe.
2. Would you categorize yourself as ample in the bosom?

My responses:
1. I used to reliably get painful breasts on day 21 of my 28 day cycle. Since my surgery, it's started earlier--maybe day 18 or so. THANKS FOR AN EXTRA WEEK OF UNTOUCHABLY SORE TITS! So this particular item is useless as a pregnancy symptom for me.
2. Goes from slight to XTREME over days 18ish to 21, then stays extreme until my period arrives.
3. Hells no. I'm a 34B.


  1. 1. I don't really.
    2. Does not apply, therefore.
    3. No. What's the opposite of ample? Scantple?

    Oh dear, my answers were boring. Hmph.

  2. Do bigger boobies make my answer less boring? I'm kind of doubting it, but anyway...

    1. I don't.
    2. N/A, Twangypearl-style
    3. Fairly, I guess. My girls have very little perk to them. When I went to the shmancy bra store ro get properly fitted, they put me in what I thought was an impossibly small band size and alphabetically advanced cup size, but I think I'd be something more average at Vickie's (where I don't shop).

  3. My boobs are a mystery. Usually, they're sore for the entire second half of the cycle, starting out a bit sore and going to extreme. They'll stop being sore about 24 hours before the floods. But in SOME cycles (rarely) they won't hurt at all. And I'm pretty small (36B) but a bit on the lumpy side:)

    Also, I've detected no rhyme or reason to boob soreness at the beginning of pregnancies. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they don't. They're a very confusing barometer.

  4. I am like Adele...during some cycles my boobs are so sore for the second half of the cycle and sometimes they don't hurt at all. I think it has to do with the amount of Progesterone your body is producing. Makes me wonder why I have such a change month to month! I am on the small side...34B.

  5. 1. My boobs are a mystery, some cycles they get sore at the end, sometimes the middle, it really just depends. When I was pregnant it was a different kind of soreness.
    2. When I get soreness, it's just slight. When I was pregnant it was much more noticeable, I would say moderate then.
    3. somewhat - 36D.

  6. 1. Like most others, my soreness fluctuates dramatically.
    2. Pain is slight. My breasts were very sore during pregnancy but not until week 6
    3. I am a 34D, but since I am only 5'1 this is about as a big as my body can handle without looking obscene

  7. 1. On all my BFN cycles they were sore early, like 6-9dpo and then nothing, then spotting and period. When I got pregnant, the soreness was much later (started around 10dpo) and much less than other cycles. I was convinced my period was about to start because my breasts weren't sore.
    2. It was moderate in all other cycles, but this last one it was slight. The real soreness started around week 6 and is now extreme. Feels like two bowling balls attached to my chest.
    2. I'm a 34C, although probably bigger now. My friend actually blurted out "Are you pregnant? Your boobs are HUGE!" last night. Yeah....awkward!

  8. 1. first day of soreness is something like 5 dpo -- i can't find my little notebook with all the numbers in it, but i will comment more precisely when i do. it lasts until 3 days before my period, when they suddenly deflate and stop hurting. and i weep a lot. (oh hell, i weep a lot anyway. i probably naturally weep more before they deflate, but IF complicated that.)

    this exact thing happened the cycle that i *did* get pregnant (and was on constant progesterone supplementation), so go the fuck figure. see:
    (a couple days later, they blew back up and hurt like murder for weeks.)

    2. pain is moderate to significant. i would have said severe except that sugar's is worse, so i know mine isn't as bad as it gets, and early preg was worse, it turned out (but more welcome).

    3. fair-sized (36D). they get about a half-cup bigger during the ouchy time.

  9. The second half of each cycle is typically painful. Moves from manageable to "DON'T FUCKING LOOK AT THEM BECAUSE YOUR EYE-RAYS HURT ME" through the 2ww.

    I'm small - 36B on a swollen day. Go small boobies club!

  10. 1. IN a normal cycle, they start to hurt around CD24-25, and I get my period on CD28. For the IVF cycles, no soreness during stims and then the HCG trigger made them really sore for the first week of the 2ww, but then it disappeared. For this FET cycle, they didn't hurt at all during the 2ww, but (here's tmi) they itched like crazy. Which was a new one, and I thought I actually had some sort of nipple-focused allergy. And now? They just hurt all. the. time.

    2. pain level is pretty constant for all variations, and pretty moderate. Except now they hurt a lot more, especially when I try to roll over when sleeping, at which point they really hurt.

    3. 34C normally, but a bit of swelling around my period. And now? I'm sporting a new 34D bra today.

  11. 1. Around CD20
    2. Very slight--usually just around the nips
    3. Small boobs represent!

    Sore boobs (I'm talking crazy sore) were, indeed, the first indication I had with my (lost) pregnancy. I'd never felt them so sore and heavy in my life.

  12. Are you feeling a new or earlier kind of boob tenderness??? Oh, I hope so!

    1. I pulled my boob tenderness data off of FF for you. Below I have listed the days on which I recorded boob tenderness as a symptom:

    cycle 1: 7-15dpo (cd 23-31)

    cycle 2: One record on 4dpo, then nothing until 7-14dpo (cd 18, 21-28)

    cycle 3: 8-13dpo (cd 22-27)

    cycle 4 (pregnant): 3-4dpo, then 6-13dpo (cd 18,19,21-28).

    So it would appear that boob tenderness starts earlier for me on pregnant cycles, except that cycle 2 is sort of messing up that trend... I feel like the boobs were a bit more sore than usual on the pregnancy cycle, but not really remarkably so. The main symptom I had was a feeling of having been scrubbed in the uterus (sort of a raw, scratchy feeling).

    2. It seems to vary from cycle to cycle.

    3. No.

    So... now you have to describe what's going on, i.e., why do you ask???? :)

  13. 1. Soreness is off and on for regular cycles. Usually not extreme.
    2. Cd 21-24 ending a day before my period starts if I have it.
    3. 36D

    Since I have had six, I will weigh in on preg symptoms and boobs. Suffice to say that extreme will be an understatement as of week 6, but that super heavy feeling and deep, like you lifted weights, sore starts a day or two before the missed period. The kicker for me is nipple pain, which is absent from a non-pregnant cycle. They hurt. A lot. Because this cycle hasn't had this symptom, I am still 75% sure that AF will arrive on time. Hope this helps and that you are asking due to some new sort of pain including nipples!

  14. NO, nothing unusual is going on with my personal rack. I'm just curious. And bored.

  15. 1. Varies, sometimes not at all sometimes the week before. The first time I was pregnant - with the ectopic I knew it. It wasn't the soreness I always get that, it was the vastness of my Bosoms....they grew and ger and they were in the way and when I walked they bumped the sides of my was very strange. My sister is similiarly endowed and when pregnant she had to special order her ginormous boulder holders almost from day one.

    2. I've had everything from Ice Pack on the chest sore to slightly itchy tingly sore to "if you bump my boob again I am going to kill you soreness."

    2. Unfortunately ample...DD and up depending on what brand.

  16. I cannot even remember what my real boobs are like I have been cycling for so goddamn long.

    I always think they are sore, but it is in fact the muther faking progesterone.

    36C (36D on the left) who wishes to all hell she could be a 34B,

  17. Wow, what a ton of information about boobs!! I'll add in my two cents...

    1. During all of my life I've have almost no boob soreness. During my one IUI cycle I was lucky enough to be on progesterone and did get to enjoy that wonderful side effect.
    2. During IUI cycle, my boobs started hurting very quickly - probably 3dpo and would range from moderate pain to WTF pain. My nipples were the worst. The pain went away a couple of days before my period.
    3. Let's hear it for the 34Bs!!

    On another note, my sister got a +HPT on the day her period was due. The only reason she decided to test (they'd been casually TTC for maybe 3-4 months at that point) was because her boobs hurt and she never had that as a normal PMS symptom. And she's less-endowed even that me - probably a 34A.

  18. Lots of information, and I'm too late as usual, but here are my answers.

    1. About day 21 or 22, and it lasts through about day 2 of the next cycle.

    2. Moderate.

    3. 36D. The joke size. For realz.