Friday, August 20, 2010

Savory torments

My, I haven't had a real two week wait in a while. I'm not really a fan. I'm doing my best to follow Low Fat Lady's advice: let go of all the what ifs, do everything I can, hope for the best. That does kind of quiet the noise in my head...but not for long.

Last night I saw two bunnies in the back yard, a big one and a smaller one. There's no guarantee that it was a mamma and baby, and it's not like I don't see bunnies pretty regularly (one of the reasons I love my house so much!), but of course I want it to be an Auspicious Omen. The thing about Auspicious Omens, though, is that you just feel worse than ever when they turn out to be Meaningless Coincidences.

So I'm also reminding myself that, should things not go my way, I'll get to have the biggest, most alcoholic drink on the face of the planet. And, I have to travel to CA for a conference (at which I have to give a keynote address! AAAAAAAAAH!!!) in a few weeks, and would be really worried about that if I were pregnant. So there will be a couple of upsides. Though you know as well as I do how completely un-comforting those upsides are when in the throes of disappointment.

Meanwhile...TOMATOES! They've arrived! We've been getting about one a day for the past week or so, and they are pretty damn tasty. I've made risotto, a tasty dish we call food stacks (basically puff pastry with carmelized onions, goat cheese, a slice of tomato, and some basil), and pizza. Just in case you thought I was only going to torture you dairyless, wheatless, low fat folks with desserts.


  1. I feel you. It's so hard to quiet your brain during the TWW, no matter how determined you are.

    On the plus side, you seem to make the most awesome food ever, so you've got that goin' for ya! (Jealous)

  2. I vote for Auspicious Omen! And, yes, alcohol is a very good back-up plan in case of a negative. I am keeping my fingers firmly crossed that you won't have that drink though!

    Your tomato and recipes sound delish. Very hungry and jealous over here in Chicago.

  3. Um, I think I now need to eat my lunch now (at 10:30 a.m.), your pictures are making me so hungry...

    I'm serious, I'm actually getting out my sandwich.

    Keynote speaker sounds TERRIFYING. It sounded awesome and I was totally jealous when you first said you received this honor, but now that it's time to actually do it, better you than me, I say. Yikes! BUT of course you'll do an amazing job, I can tell from your various posts that you are an amazing public speaker, in spite of your nerves.

    I am predicting that this is going to be one rough 2ww, if you are this obsessed with it already. Stay tough! I know it only gets more excruciating as the days progress... Fucking-A, can't we get an early pregnancy test invented here???

  4. Oh please be an auspicious omen, garden bunnies!
    It's the least you can do, to be quite frank, after all the munching of the Bunnies' greens. Think on, my toothy friends.

    That tomato is award-winning. I love the disembodied hand holding it aloft. Excellent!

  5. I want to move in with the Bunny family and get fed well! Im loving the little pizza with fresh tomatoes -- sounds so good!!

    2WW blow, because there is really nothing to DO except OBSESS and that is just so not healthy, but yet at the same time its the only thing that you can DO that makes you feel as if you have any control AT ALL. My recommendation (fwiw, which is very little): projects to fill each day. Cooking, making tomato sauce, finding the cure for cancer - whatever. Just something to fill the time. Oh, and movies. Movies are my 2ww friend.

    Good luck!

  6. Beeyootiful yummies today, Bunny; thanks for sharing! I'm right there with you in the "2w"w (I'm lucky if I get a whole two weeks out of mine), hoping, much like you, that the huge pumpkin I saw on the side of the road today actually birthed the little one that was sitting next to it. May our respective waits be as smooth as possible, and fruitful at their end...y'know fruit, like tomatoes and raspberry leaves...Ah, I got nothin'. Wanna start a cross-country book club or crocheting circle or something?

  7. nothing beats a freshly picked tomato... cut it open and slather it with salt...yum.

    Your savory treats are looking delicious as always.

    I like the idea of letting go of all the what ifs during your 2ww. You sound so calm and in control, so although you said its been a while since you were in a 2ww, I think you're taking to the whole business like a pro.

    Oh, and LOVE the thought of those bunnies being an Auspicious Omen!! Funny thing is that I saw a bunny in my back yard today too!! (just a lone one though...what kind of omen is that for me??!! best not to think about it).

  8. I am feeling really good for you about your bunny sightings. :)

    I have to go find something to eat now...:)

  9. Glad I could make you feel a little better ;) Those tomatoes look great and your pizza even better, yum! Yea for the bunny family. I hope it is an omen!

  10. A bunny omen! I like it, although yes, it may just be a coincidence in the end. But for now, just call it an omen. This IUI may have been the one. I am really wishing that with all my heart.

    Beautiful tomatoes and tartes aux tomates. Yum!

  11. Auspicious Omen. Cracking me up.

  12. I'm voting for Auspicious Omen. Lovely tomatoes, love the food stacks dish. So simple and elegant, yet delicious.

  13. It always seems like those signs/omens come to fruition for OTHER people, never for us. You never know though...stranger things have happened :).
    I LOVE tomatoes from the garden! Totally missing mine this year - I never got around to planting with all the other stuff going on. Yours look delicious!

  14. I love tomatoes so much. We've only managed a few this year (our plants are not the healthiest...) and we just eat them raw. Maybe next year we'll have enough to actually cook with.

    The 2ww just blows. That is all. I keep trying to think of a snarky way to suggest you use your time, but I've got nothing. Just keep eating tomatoes and HANG ON.

  15. How does one person end up with so many talents?? Sewing, baking, gardening, cooking, academic-ing, AND being all funny?? Hope those bunnies prove to be auspicious, not disappointing.

  16. We all do it - listing the positives of not getting pregnant this cycle. Almost convincing ourselves that a BFN would be a great thing, and then... who are we kidding?

    Loved the pics of tomatoes and pizza... yummy.

    So impressed - you're going to be a keynote speaker??? Awesome!

  17. You're exactly right about the auspicious omens. And yet, after many, many months of meaningless coincidences...I continue to go for them hook, line and sinker.

    Your tomatoes are bodacious:) And the food pictures...(insert sound of wheatless, cheeseless moaning...the stacks sound especially nice).

  18. Keynoter - wow! You're a Big Deal! Here's hoping the rest of the 2WW goes quickly.

  19. Auspicious omens are fantastic. I am sadly looking for tell tale signs of impending doom. A crack! My poor mothers back!

    Keynote in CA sounds terrifying. If you are near the bay area, I demand you bring tomato along for me to heckle you from the back. It looks like a hefty projectile. After you get me tossed out, that crowd is so yours. Nothing grabs attention like a usurper! (serious on saying hi if you in the hood. Heckling is optional) :)

  20. Those bunnies....oh, oh, oh I pray they are a sign!!!! You had a great cycle! A shiny new ute! Oh my GOSH, please let this be your miracle month. I have a whole ton of hope in my heart for you, Bunny.

    Ummm, my heart rate went up thinking abt your keynote. Eeek! I know you will perform marvelously but no fun thinking about it, huh? Hang in there.

    PS Thank you for checking in on me. :) xo

  21. I hope that the bunnies bring your good luck with your motherhood journey, animals can feel lots of things that humans can't! You never know ;) Hope that your conference goes well! Best wishes!