Friday, August 6, 2010

Nothing of any significance

First, a big I'm So Very Sorry in Andie's direction. She deserves a truckload of beautiful babies, and instead she gets heartbreak. You're really stupid, World.

Meanwhile, my husband has agreed to come home early if necessary so that we can do an IUI this month regardless of how the timing works out. I'm grateful, but also just hate hate hate having to be grateful. I wish...well, that we weren't even in this situation, but given that we are, that he'd somehow magically take more control. That I didn't have to feel like I'm asking for favors. Uggh. Anyway, my day 12 ultrasound is now set up, all the drugs are on hand, and I can at least feel like I'm killing time til IVF in the most productive fashion possible. Which brings me oodles of joy, as you can probably imagine.

Here are some trivial things that actually do bring me something mildly joy-ish. First, yesterday was Mr. Bunny's birthday so I made miniature eclairs...and they were hella NOM. And we went out to dinner so I got the chance to wear a super awesome new necklace.

Coffee icing, vanilla bean cream filling.
From Etsy. Enter "untamed" in a search by seller and you should find the shop.
One has to keep from despair somehow: stuffing one's face with sweets and wearing frilly frocks are not bad options.


  1. Love the necklace. Loved the scissor one from your post the other day too, and forgot to mention it. That eclair looks yummy, and very, very professionally made - good job!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Bunny :).

  2. Yum! The éclair looks like its straight from a French chef's kitchen. Bravo!
    And the necklace look so cute! Glad you had fun on Mr. Bunny's birthday.

  3. Wow, eclairs. I tried that once, but they remained paste-like and heavy. The husband loves them, with a Great Passion.

    Nice threads and jewels, bunny!
    IUI, good, onward, onward.

  4. wow, you are quite the pastry chef. I have never attempted something like that - well done! Looks delicious :-)

    You look so cute in that dress and I love the necklace! I was just thinking this morning that I need more cute dresses and skirts in my closet, like the one you're wearing here...but no time to shop.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Bunny!

  5. The éclair is fabulous, and I double-love that it's on a bunny plate. You may have just inspired me to go online and get me some pumpkin accoutrements. Because I'm on the train headed to class and should be reading. Cool necklace, too. Go team go on the IUI! Hoping that, however such a thing would look for you, Mr. B steps up to the [bunny] plate a little more.

  6. I am very impressed with you baking ability, I cannot bake or cook sadly. I do order in very well though and can make a good omlette :). I am very glad that your husband can make it home when needed.
    Enjoy the big birthday weekend.

  7. I know what you mean about having to "ask", and I think the male gender is just wired that (infuriating) way. (Nature? Nurture? who knows?).

    But that eclair made my wheat and dairy-lovin' tummy go grumble grumble. And I LOVE that necklace (and am loving that site).

  8. yum!!! love your frock and necklace, too.

    as for the feeling like it's a favor to get him to come home for the husband is doing that with our IVF blood work appt I just told him abt this morning. he is SHOCKED and APPALLED that HE has to undergo a blood test before we can begin IVF. seriously dude? i've gotten blood drawn a few dozen times, and all before the sun rose, this year. suck it up and don't make a peep!!! MEN!

  9. I LOVE the eclair, the bunny plate, the neckless, the dress, and your awesome figure. Look at how perfect you look with no bra! (and if you are wearing a strapless, don't tell).

    I have all kinds of hope for this cycle.

  10. Nothing like on demand lovin' to squash the mood.

    Good thing you look hot Bunny. IUI lovin' never had it so good.

    The plate cracked me up.

  11. That éclair looks so yummy! Timing is sucky. It's so hard to figure things out in if land. Wishing you the best.

  12. My husband slept in the car during one IUI even though I had begged him to come sit with me during, and one IUI didn't happen because he couldn't produce because of the stress. That makes him sound bad but he's really great...I wish he were better at this though. :)

    That Eclair looks delicious!

  13. The eclair looks devine. Oh yummy yummy scrummy!
    Its nice that Mr Bunny has agreed to come home if needed for your IUI.... and I know what you mean about having to ask and now feeling like he's doing you a huge favour... When in reality this is just as much his business as yours. Doesn't always feel like that though. Men just are wired to be a little ignorant and we are wired to be filled to the brim with guilt.
    Oh, I'm just so excited that your IUI is all set up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby bunnies better be on their way soon. xxx

  14. I can't believe you made that eclair. Color me impressed.

    Oh the husbands. We love them. We need them for the whole baby-making thing, yet they seem to abdicate all responsibility (and lose all sexual interest) when we really need performance. I can't tell you about the two near crises on my retrieval days without getting high blood pressure, so let's leave it at "I get it and I am glad the timing is working out but I wish that this were all easier."

  15. what they said!

    Seriously, tho, that eclair looks so amazing!

  16. Frocks, sweets, and awesome jewelry! Not a bad way to pass the time. I hope the "favor" frame disperses. It is weird how IF becomes something we (women) own somehow.