Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nature, your plan does not make sense

Since Monday, nausea has coated my entire day like a greasy film. Thus far it's just resulted in some regular gagging, but no actual vomiting. (I did steal some air sickness bags on my recent trip and have one with me at all times in case I need to puke in class. Oh, and this morning I also woke up with a cold. There's a constant trickle of snot down the back of my throat (YUMMY! Custard, anyone?) which has increased the retching to every five minutes or so. Hrraaccck!) The only thing that keeps the nausea even remotely at bay is eating something every few minutes, but eating is not what you want to do when you're constantly gagging. I'll force some raisins between my clamped-together jaws and every fiber of my being will scream out, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, INSANE LADY? DO NOT PUT THAT IN HERE! On the one hand, this is clearly a crazy arrangement. On the other hand, it's par for the course given how utterly bizarre the whole conception and gestation business is.

Am I complaining? Of course not--I'd do anything for Bun Bun, including purchasing a product called Queasy Drops. I have no pride. How could I, locked in my office, gagging over my trash can?


  1. Oh poor Bunny. How miserable.

    Apparently mango (the fruit, not the clothing brand. Heh.) is good for the nausea. Something to do with enzymes? And acupuncture.

    Be well.

  2. Oh no! Well, I suppose it must be slightly reassuring to have some symptoms, although perhaps some of the less "obvious" ones would be better. i hope that you feel better and can get some major rest this weekend!

  3. I'm totally jealous!!!! AHHHHHHH!

    Were these the "mild" symptoms you were referring to on my blog yesterday?! Muhahaha. Sounds pretty major to me. :) Seriously, I know you must hate me for thinking this, but that is AWESOME to have something going on. Take it from someone who has nada (terrifying).

    I am so happy you're experiencing some physical proof that Bun Bun is doing great. There are a lot of bloggies who've endured nausea and pukes and I'm sure they will chime in with their best strategies to keep it all at bay, because I know even if it's comforting, it's got to be horribly uncomfortable. Thinking of you! xo

  4. I'm still not sure whether I should be jealous of women who get morning sickness, or not. I feel like I missed out on part of this experience, somehow! On the other hand, nausea is one of my least favorite sensations (not that this prevented me from binge drinking in college), so... Still, I feel I would have been less worried (a bit), if I was sick.

    How are you on the boob front? Still nothing?

  5. Oh no! Sorry for the pukies...but YAY for symptoms! I have vacillated between loving my morning sickness and wanting to kill myself (not really). It is so reassuring to be reminded of the little life inside you, but it does get old. I'm going on 14 weeks and still puking every day.
    Here's what helped me:
    - eat immediately when you get up (or even eat a little snack super early 4-5am and go back to sleep if you can)
    - Jolly Ranchers, lollipops, hard candy
    - Coke. I know, caffeine = bad. But my doctor said one can each day is totally fine if it helps the sickies. Just no Diet Coke
    - Ginger/lemon/peppermint tea - all make me feel better
    - I haven't tried this, but two doctors recommended 1/2 tablet of Unisom in the morning and night. It's my back-up plan if I'm not better in a week...I'm too scared to take the prescription meds

    YOU ARE SO PREGNANT! This is really happening! Whoo hoo!

  6. aren't all things ginger supposed to help? my sister used those wrist band things. i can't for the life of me understand how they work, but she said it helped. a little.

    i just braved a baby store to buy something for the son of a friend i'm meeting for lunch. have been avoiding her since her baby was born (6 months ago, ouch). anyways, i saw the cutest bunny stuffed animal and it made me think of YOU!!

  7. I feel for you. Literally. Hang in there. It gets worse (ok, maybe you will luck out and it won't) If it does, ask for zophran.

  8. I can't wait until this gets better for you... it WILL happen! Sorry you feel so gross.

  9. I have been so sick as well...go and get some Vitamin B6: 50 mgs in the am and 50 mgs in the might help! It is working a little for me!!!
    Yay for morning sickness!! (all day sickness!)

  10. Two things:
    1) YAY! This is a very very good sign of all going as it should!!
    2) Nausea sucks, and the gagging? I gagged pretty much constantly from week 6 through week 13 or so. Only vomited 3x, but the retching/ gagging was a near constant. I came up with some clever ways to cover up the gagging with a fake cough. Here are my recommendations:
    - Ginger. I ate a lot of crystallized ginger and drank a decent amount of ginger tea
    - Saltines with peanut butter. Eating protein is better than carbs b/c your blood sugar remains more stable, thereby (supposedly) relieving the nausea
    - Don't let your stomach get either too full or too empty -- either can the source of much distress. Even when starving, rein in how much you eat at once.
    - (I hate to admit this one) Preggie Pop Drops. THey are really sour candies that help. You can order them online, even the organic versions, and they really have helped. Of course I waited until post-CVS test results to buy them because I am a superstitious fool, but get them -- they help.
    - Avoid bad smells. This was big for me, as an NYC-er and subway rider. I changed my commute to avoid gagging the whole way in to work.
    - Sleep. I found that sometimes the only way to make it go away was to sleep.
    - My personal savior -- matzoh ball soup. I ate it for lunch and dinner (just clear broth and one matzoh ball) every day for at least a week. It was all I could tolerate, but was filling enough to avoid more nausea.
    - Raw almonds. I still eat them all the time as they are a good source of protein and really bland. I mix with dried cherries to help keep things as regular as possible (look for that to hit soon!) but the almonds alone were sometimes all I could eat.
    - Last one -- don't drink and eat at the same time, as it causes too much distension and nausea. Sip liquids between meals to stay hydrated.
    This is crazy long, but I am so excited for you I want you to feel as good as possible! Hope some of these work!!

  11. If you think you're going to get any of my sympathy with this post about the pukies, think again Bunny. I am not sorry for you one bit!
    I am ecstatic that you are feeling nauseous, my friend. In excess of the 3 rising betas, the u/s and heartbeat, you now have morning (all day) sickness. There is no denying it: YOU ARE PREGNANT!

    In all seriousness, I am kinda sorry that you have to go to the University and teach in that state of nausea. I hope you find effective ways of managing it. Looks like a few women wrote in with great tips.

  12. Hoping you feel better soon. I firmly beleive that those that went through hell to get preggers in the first place, should be spared morning sickness and other pregnancy issues (too bad the world does not work like that). I have no good suggestions, but hope that the advice of these other ladies is helpful to you.

  13. Queasy Drops! Most excellent! From what I hear, lots of little, regular eats is the key. But what do I know. Yay for signs of life!

  14. Nettie pot for the nasal drip. And all that other stuff prior posters recommended it will get better in a few weeks, then it'll be all you can do to stop eating. It's so nice you are prego!!!!

  15. In some ways I feel sorry for the picture of Bunny huddled over her trash can and I kind of agree with cgd that those who have suffered to get pg should be immune to m/s. BUT then most of me thinks that you'd go madder and paranoid if you didnt have these symptoms as you'd think that something was wrong. So I choose to believe that the morning sickness is just there to reassure you that your bun bun is a sticky one.
    Oh and also, i'd buy those queasy drops in a heartbeat too!!!

  16. Oh poor Bunny. I have a few tips. Chamomile tea with ginger and lemon. For some reason the lemon smell is said to alleviate nausea, I don't know if that is true or it was the ginger, either way this helps. Also, grapes. And carbonated drinks. Lemonade or even just plain sparkling water (my preference) really helps.

  17. My saving graces were Reed's Ginger Candy and tall glasses of seltzer with a splash of OJ.

    I can't imagine dealing with that during an active semester! I hope it quickly becomes a nice, mild, reassuring sign.

    I'm so excited for you. I hope this is the one; the odds are totally on your side!

  18. So sorry your feeling crappy. That is one thing I'm scared about with pregnancy. Have you tried preggo pops?

  19. You bring back memories of needing to take an extra poop bag on my walks with my dog JUST IN CASE. I hope this unpleasant side-effect will soon be replaced by some pleasant ones - extra thick shiny hair, strong nails and a great curvy figure.

  20. I second the vitamins B.

    Sour jolly ranchers.

    Eating carbs nonstop.

  21. I loved the fibroid pics but really, this just crosses the line. Just kidding :)