Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dreams are just dreams...

BUT...I had one last night in which I started bleeding profusely. You know, from my lady region. I'm guessing this is just a symptom of the fact that I am preparing myself for bad news on Tuesday. It's happened to so many of you, why not me? Am I a special princess or something? Okay...I totally am a special princess, at it happens, but bad things happen even to special princesses. Like that one time my favorite pony got eviscerated by a dragon--there were charred pony guts everywhere. Huge bummer.

Anyway, here's what I'm hoping for this weekend.
1. That Bun Bun grows and thrives, that I experience no evidence to the contrary.
2. That my fucking cold goes away and I get some motherfucking sleep.
3. That all of you get pregnant. Yeah, even you, JB, and even those of you who are already pregnant. I don't want to hear your complaints. Just do as you're told.


  1. Yep -- the subconscious has no pity on us and basically tortures us even when our waking brains are doing the best to be calm and hopeful. The dragon pony dream though? That's fucked up and kind of terrifying. I hope you weren't like 8 when you had that, otherwise I can imagine that you were scarred.

    I also hope that your cold goes away. Because we all know what happens when coughing and pregnant (which you definitively are): disaster strikes.

  2. OMG - I read your post title and about spit out my beer! You scared me. Don't do that again. ;)

  3. And yes, I am drinking beer at 4 O Clock on a Thursday afternoon. I may not be able to get pregnant, so i will just drink for all you preggos in your honor! ;)

  4. oh what a coincidence, i'm a princess as well, and of course, a very special girl. on some days, i ask dh to call me princess. i don't kid. luckily, he complies, but gets confused bc on any given day, i asked to be called one of 14 nicknames. i like to switch it up, you know??

    ugh, this dream sucks! i'd like to remind you of trinity's bad dream back in early pregnancy. and looks how great her pregnancy is progressing now?? lately, i've been having violent dreams where i yell at and him ppl. can't make out the faces, but clearly i have some anger issues. throw some IF bitterness into the mix and i'm angry at the world, so now wonder i'm yelling at ppl in my dreams.

    anyways, is tuesday just another u/s to make sure everything is progressing nicely? i'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes your way :o) xoxo.

  5. What a scary dream! I hate the stupid sub-conscious. It's so mean to us. Everything's going to be fine - just keep telling yourself that, and it will be true. Will be thinking of you and sending you good thoughts!!!

    And yes, I'll do my part and get pregnant this weekend...

  6. I hope that everything will go well and that it was just a dream. In regards to #3 I'm trying my hardest.

  7. Poor pony. And terrible dream. Luckily, dreams are just a reflection of the emotions we're sorting though and NOT predictors of the future. My crystal ball, however does predict the future, and tells me that Bun Bun is cooking away perfectly.

  8. You are TOTALLY a special princess. I'm glad that you're getting any bleeding out of the way in your unconscious so that you don't have to deal with it for reals. Tidy, no?

  9. Ok, princess, here are the equations for today:

    bleeding in your dreams = do it all you want, knock yourself out
    bleeding IRL = not happening.

    Your homework is to study those equations.
    I'll work on my homework.

  10. I can assure as living in the future that #1 will certainly come true, m'lady.

    #2 - sorry I can't help but hopefully resolves soon.

    #3 - I'm still working on it. :)

  11. I had dreams like that, especially in the early weeks. And since I just shoved an 8 lb baby out of my cooch, you can judge for yourself how important those dreams are. They're just Freudian bullshit. Bun Bun is busy forming limb buds! and forebrain! and eyelids! and so on. Remain calm, Bunny. Keep your special princess wits about you.

  12. oh hell...i quit my blog world to be a unblogging "glum bunny" and shit everyone gets prego... I'm back on the train now,and I hope you and the bun bun are good.

  13. i have had that dream about a million times. my favorite version goes like this:

    1. really surreal dream that includes crazy buckets of blood but isn't necessarily about m/c. (like the one where i bent over in a field so a mexican peasant woman could break my water with a tuber.)

    2. i "wake up" from that dream, think about how weird it was...and then discover that i am bleeding a fair amount. like a period amount. this time it is about m/c. i freak out.

    3. i really do wake up, but i can't remember that #2 was a dream. so i lie in bed being really, really sad until i finally go to the bathroom and discover i am not, in fact bleeding.

    it's a great little cycle.

  14. Oh, sorry about the nasty dream Bunny. I hope Bun bun is safely nestled in wondering what all the fuss is about.
    I have a feeling that dreams are just crazy tricks our subconscious plays on us while we are unaware. It's like they have a bet going on how much of a sucker we are to believe such crazy tales. If dreams were true then my friend would have given birth to kittens a few years ago (seriously, she dreamt she gave birth to 8 furry kittens!!!!).

  15. Yes Ma'am! Will get myself knocked up ASAP!

    Sorry about the bad dream. I had weird/freaky/scary dreams the whole time I was pregnant with Monkey. I still have them. Last night his much older brother was tossing him around and accidentally threw him over the neighbors fence.

    Hopefully neither of these dreams will come true.

  16. I am so glad I don't remember my dreams. But I can tell it's been a bad night by how much my jaw hurts from grinding and clenching my teeth. I am my dentist's golden ship.

    I will be checking google reader constantly on Tuesday, so please post as soon as you know. Have a restful weekend and I'll send a sword (in my dreams) to slay that bloody dragon.

  17. You totally crack me up with the pony and the dragon.

    I hope that all of your weekend goals are achieved. I'll work on doing my part with #3, but there are no promises.

  18. Yeah, I had some really scary fucking dreams in early pregnancy. Now I just have really weird ones like when I breastfed my cat (I'm SOOOOOOOO sick). Anyway, I am hoping all three of your wishes come true.

  19. I really prefer the orgasm dreams.

    Get youself a dream catcher.

  20. I hope ALL three of those things happen, too. Let's get to it.

  21. Ug, that dream sounds scary. Hope Bun Bun does as told.

  22. you know whats really weird... i had a dream on wednesday night that i was bleeding too and that it was all over. by the time i got in to see my dr., there was no way i was leaving without an ultrasound! thankfully, he obliged me :) dreams like that are hard!

    i think bun bun better buck up and do what mommy's tells him/her!

    i'll be checking in on you to see how you make out at your ultrasound next week!

    go bun bun go!

  23. ugh, i've been relatively calm until today. now i'm going google crazy and paranoia is taking over. how did you maintain your sanity between the last beta and heartbeat u/s????????????????

  24. How scary!! Yep, just dreams. Real life is awesome.

  25. Dreams are terrible, because they feel so real. And while I know that it's difficult not to view them as omens, they're not. They're just the chewed up detritus of our thoughts and fears, and so I'd almost say it would be impossible for you NOT to dream something along these lines (crappy as it is, though).

    Thinking good thought for Tuesday. Which, incidentally, is TODAY as I'm catching up on posts. Sending you my most positive thoughts for Bun Bun.

    (And I like Number 3. Hoping this body heard you.)